It has been about 6 weeks since my tigger passed away and my house has felt empty and cold ever since. I have recently looked at several pet sites thinking about a new fur buddy but then i feel like i am betraying both of my cat's by doing this. my wife has said NO that she does not want any more animals because of the heartbreak we went thru with both our boys. i am waiting for her to come around. I am also thinking about changing things up and getting a dog instead but after being a cat person i am not sure that i can change just like that....
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I don't know if anyone can say when the time is right for another.  I can only tell you how I feel, since i am in a very similar situation.  It has been a little over seven weeks for me since my cat of almost 17 years, Boog, passed away.  I feel just the way you do about the house feeling empty and cold without my freind there anymore.  Even now, I will hear a noise and look thinking that it is Boog.  Of course it's not.  I understand your feeling that it is a betrayal to get another pet.  I don't think that it's a betrayal as long as you understand that you can never replace Tigger.  I don't think this means you can never share you heart with another companion animal again.

It's hard for me to think of all the cats and dogs that are spending their days and nights in a cage waiting for someone to love them.  Meanwhlie I am at home wishing I had another pet to love.  Nobody is being helped in this situation, including your previous pet's memory or honor.

It is hard to open your heart to a new animal when the pain of losing the old one is so fresh.  Please try to give your family time to greive so that they are ready to open their heart again.

I discussed getting a new cat (probably 2) with my wife this past weekend and while she is a little reluctant, she agreed to it and admitted that she is feeling some of the same things.  Because of remodeling and pet sitting for my kids dog it will probably be sometime in mid April before we get our new fur freinds adopted.  Good luck with your decision.
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Uh oh.  I've been visiting pet sites, too.  It's been 5 weeks and this is the first time I've been without a cat since I was 3 years old - that's a lot of years for me. Goobie was also my first "only pet" in my adult life.  I've always had a couple of dogs and a couple of cats, with multiple birds thrown into the mix.  My job was keeping me busy so when the last of my large pet family passed over and Goobie was dumped a month later, I decided to go with an "only cat child".  Big mistake. By the time I decided to add to my family with another dog or cat, Goobs was 8 years old and I didn't think it would be fair to him.  Now, that he's gone, I'm very lonely and praying for a feline surprise to show up at my doorstep.  I know that I'll never find a Goobie clone - and he was the perfect cat for me because he didn't hunt birds - but one thing that's bothering me at my age is if I'll outlive my next little guy or girl.  I've never had to consider this before but the thought of never having another warm, purring, claw-kneading little guy or girl to share life with is painful.  All my responsible family members are allergic to cats.  My friends are all planning on retiring and moving to far-flung places.  I hate to think of spoiling a cat and then having it tossed into who-knows-what kind of future.

I've had to put up with a "No" but when the right little face appears, the heart melts.  Be subtle - OK, some people call it sneaky - and throw out some hints but not too often.  Point out cute cat photos in the paper or in magazines.  Bring up cat stories.  There are some wonderful cat videos online and crazy sites like stuffonmycat.com  You know how getting a cat is.  Just when you least expect it, there they are.
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You have to be care-ful for over flow that comes from the death of one can transfer to another. Max died last sept. and my husband just had to have another dalmatian. So we got another and he wants nothing to do with him. Don't get me wrong, he is not mean to him,just cold. Max was every thing to him and then some. Max died of AIHA, overbreeding and shots cost him his life. You ve to have a certain amount of white blood cells in your body to fight off any infection. He didn't have It. Six months later and a river of tears, I WISH THAT ALL WAS DIFFERENT, but that's not the way It Is. So I try to live my life In a normal way,tears still fall, the hurt of the loss still there.  may you and your baby make It thu this hard time.---Marty & critters

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