pebbles diagnosed 7 months ago and I wish I had known then what I know now !
A small to medium doggy can be goven shots of insulin whilst being held firmly but gently against wall whilst sitting down ( we sit on stairs ) ...:
For the first 3 months it was a real stress ... nausea for me before each shot as she hated it bless her heart !
Hubby was late home and I had to give the shot to pebbles on my own ( we had practiced this when hubby home and I was getting more confident knowing he was in the front room should I need him ) but he rang one night to say he was stuck in traffic !
Ok this is how it went from then on
Husband suggested I sat her on stairs next
To me ? Rather than standing and bending down to her height ....
ok i say ( her cone we always put on before the shot rather than a muzzle ... it prevents her nipping and making us twitch or knock the needle ... it’s ideal ... I decide to hold her to my right ( dominant hand is my left ) firmly but gently up to the wall near the stairs .. say to her “ sit still sit still good girl “ lift her skin for the shot and in it goes ... done
Much easier !! ... took 3 months to come to this by sheer chance that hubby was stuck in traffic!
This is a for a small/ medium Bichon
Phew ... easy peasy ... no bent needles ( believe
Me those things are weak )
No anxiety if hubby not home ... we take turns and sooo
Much easier ... desperately wanted to share with anybody in the same position ...
Seen YouTube videos that show how “ easy “ it is
I’m sorry but that is rubbish ... it’s a stress but ... once you get a great
Method like we did then it’s so much easier
She is a darling and 13 and a half ... talk to them firmly and the shot is done in a second with a tiny tiny bit of extra food for a treat ! 😀🐶
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