My adorable kitty Pheobe, a stray that adopted us five years ago and as sweet as pudding and about as demanding as Jell-o had been breathing heavily for about a week and a half.  I saw my vet's doctor on Saturday and she discovered a HUGE mass in her belly!  It wasn;t there just a few days ago, when I was rubbing her, but it was just huge on Saturday.  The vet also doscovered fluid around her lungs, causing them to collapse and her to breath harder.  She was and still is eatting and drinking, she just was laying on the floor rather than on the desk next to me.  The vet had little hope of her getting better, even though Pheobe is so young still.

I took her to a second vet and he ran some blood tests---ALL of them were normal!!  Still, he doen' have much hope for her.  He did suggest draining the fluid from around her lungs, and that I could try a specialist.

My issue is; when is enough enough?  I feel horrible just giving up, and I feel as though there is an explanation (other than death), but I'm afraid that is just grief and denial.  When is the ordeal of running tests, draining fluids and more vet visits too much for a cat that is so docile she allows you to 'plant' her wherever?  Should I follow my gut and visit a hospital that specializes in this?  The visit would likely run me $500, and I don't have a lot of money, particularly if the outcome is still not very good. 

Most importantly, how do I live everyday knowing that the end us near for my furrbaby?  How do I prepare my other cat and my dog for this?  My dog LOVES "HIS" kitty- watching over her, guarding her, attempting to eat her ;-)  I've cried so many tears already, and I know the next while will be soggy with them.  I could use a bit of love and advise from everybody here.

Thank you, Nicolette
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I've only just read your post -  my doggy has been diagnosed with inoperable cancer so I came
over here to have a look. 
I'm so sorry to hear about your sweet Phoebe but honestly don't know what to advise.
Sadly money has to be considered and how much one can afford. I've spent hundreds and hundreds to get a proper diagnosis of my little Danny dog only to find it is inoperable, but for me, I'm glad
i know that, as otherwise i might have regretted not getting a proper diagnosis and thinking
i could have done more. 
I'm not quite clear on what exactly is wrong with your little kitty but it does sound
very serious and in future she could be in a lot of pain, so sometimes hard as it is it is
kinder to have them go to sleep so they won't be in pain. Don't feel bad if you decide
to do this, it is one of the greatest gifts of love we can give them. 

I say this with tears falling as soon with my little Danny boy I will have to do
that for him, as soon as i know he is feeling pain which he isn't right now, but he has only been given a few weeks. 

When your little Phoebe does pass the best thing you can do is give your dog and other cat lots of
attention and love and they may fret for a while but they will be alright eventually. 

Sending you lots of love and blessings.
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Guys I just went through this with my dog and we spent $800 a month on meds for two years along with an echocardiogram evert three months ( $1100 ) an at home heart monitor which was $500, and blood work monthly $185, and a breathing treatment we did on christmas eve that was $4,000, and STILL Ziggy passed away. Its like all the monet e spent did nothing because in the end he died anyway.
   With all of that said I think you 100% have to see a specialist. The vets are only there for basic knowledge. Specialists do surgeries, and complex diagnosis. You need to first find out what is wrong with your baby and ONLY a specialist can do that. At that point you can make a decision to spend $$ on treatment , or to ride it out. I spend over $50,000 on Ziggy in two years. If i Had to do it all again I would in a heart beat because he was my baby abd money comes and goes, but love in your heart remains forever. We arent rich, but we did what we had to do for our baby. What makes matters even worse is that on the day ziggy died our other boxer Joe tore his ACL, and he needed surgery last week which cost us ANOTH $5,000 !! We are BROKE AS BROKE gets now !!  

See teh specialist and find out whats wrong. You may get lucky and its nothing major. Without knowing you cant decide what to do. Please find out whats wrong with your baby first. Lots of love and INBOX me if you have any questions. If you set up a GOFUNDME account I will donate what my family can to help you. God Bless and lots of prayers.
John ( Ziggys Daddy)
Please say a prayer for Ziggy also that his soul is with the Lord in Heaven, I miss my baby boy. He deserved so much better:(
Lost My Beloved Ziggy ( Reverse Brindle Boxer ) to a heart attack on Christmas Eve
12-24-2014. The worst day of my life. I miss him beyond what words can reply. He was my EVERYTHING. My soulmate, and I am Devastated. He battled Boxer Dilated Cardiomyopathy and Congestive Heart Failure for 2 years. I really thought he was doing well, and then Bang, He's gone... Life will never be the same. Im hurting bad inside and really could use any emotional support offered. I miss him so so much.
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I don't know about that
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Nicolette, pray on it, also, i took my little cat to a petsmart that had a bansfield vet clinic in it. They are really good. See if there is one near you asap, they usually stay open late, she can't just be left as she is. It sounds like she is seriously suffering. Please act quickly for her, you are all she has. I will pray right now also.
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Hi PheobeSweetiePie,

I am so sorry to hear about your kitty. I too, just found out about my dog of 16 1/2 years, she also has a large mass in her belly and a very enlarged heart. My husband and I are so upset and cry all day long. We have an ultrasound on Tues to confirm if it is cancer or not, but they are 95% sure it is. She eats and sleeps and is on pain medication as she is always trembling. I can't stand to see her that way, depending on what we find out on Tues I think Wednesday will be her last day here on earth and go to meet other friends up in doggy heaven. I feel guilty about having to put her down, but then I think what quality of life does she have like this. She is an excellent dog and does not deserve to suffer. My husband and I are very torn, but I am praying a lot and hoping we will be steered in the right direction. 

Hang in there, but remember don't be selfish about wanting them around longer as their quality of life now may not be what they deserve. I will be praying for you.
Chris swoboda
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