My wife and I had 3 dogs, a German Shepherd, a Terrier Mix, and a Chihuahua.  The terrier mix had epilepsy, and sometimes when he would have a seizure; we would have to pull the Shepherd away from him because he kept trying to grab him by the throat. We came home Saturday night to find that our terrier had a bad seizure, and in the process the Shepherd had killed him. It looked like a murder scene in our bedroom with blood splatters on the wall.  I am destroyed that my terrier, who was my best friend, was killed in that manner.  I have anger and resentment towards the Shepherd, but I still love her. She never has ever shown any signs of aggression towards me or the other dogs(except during a seizure.)  I am just trying to find a hard time balancing the anger towards the Shepherd with knowing she is a sweet, loving dog who never showed one sign of aggression. I know if I bring the Shepherd to the shelter, she will probably be euthanized; and I don't want that to happen to her. I am just lost and grieving.
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Paul, I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of your dog in the manner that it happened. That would be horrifying to come home to. I would imagine that it would be tough to reconcile your feelings towards the shepherd. There are just certain primal instincts that kick in in some dogs that transcends any training or domestication. I have had 2 dogs with extreme prey drive. No small animals were safe around them. And if they sensed any type of physical weakness (like seizures), then the drive really kicked in. 

If you can somehow view your shepherd's drive as an instinct and not as a vicious intent, it might help you overcome the anger. I would have a very hard time with it as well.
I would most definitely be keeping the shepherd separated from the chihuahua from now on when you're gone to avoid any possible future incidences. 

Take care

Mom to Millie, Roman, Snoopy & step sister to O'Boy
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Paul what happened is so awful and I am so sorry it happened. I'm also sorry that I don't really have anything to offer you as far as advice with what to do with your shepherd, but I agree with Diana, I would keep your dogs separated going forward whenever you leave the house. Again I am so sorry and hope you can find a way to move forward from this horrible incident.
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Dear Paul, I guess this is one of those times when we need to remind ourselves that dogs are different from us even though they are wonderful and loyal and loving. They can't always understand things like seizures and it sounds like your Shepherd may have thought your Terrier mix was being aggressive when he was in fact having a seizure. We understand this in our minds but to a dog things can look like aggression and they respond in kind, unfortunately. This had to be terrible to come home to and I know you miss your Terrier and would never imagine things could go that far. My deepest condolences on your sad loss. My thinking is that if your Shepherd has never been otherwise aggressive she may have been mistaking these seizures for aggression (it might look quite frightening to another dog) It sounds like a very, very sad accident.
I might think about making a donation to help dogs with seizures, or something similar in your Terrier's memory, so that something good can come from this. You'll have to grieve of course this awful loss of course and this will be a tough time for you and your family but it sounds like a tragic misunderstanding/accident. Take Care and come back with an update when you're ready. Everyone here is supportive and understanding so it's a good place to work out your feelings. You're among friends.
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