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Hey baby boy,
I just posted a message to Bella, so thought it only fair I did the same for you.
Jack, you wouldn’t believe what’s going on down here. It’s a tough time for all. 

I miss you so very much Jack. You really were my world and always had will be. 

I’m working hard looking after Nanny for you. I hope you are looking after your Grandad. Tell him I love home loads too. 
I would have loved for you to meet Daisy. She’s really turned out to be a good girl. You would love her. 

I wish you were here Jack to have a huge snuggle and give you lots of kisses like I used to. 

Take care my little man, my best buddy. 

I love you so much.


Jack you will always be my sunshine. Love you forever my baby boy xxxxxxx
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Hey baby boy. 

So today is 6 years since you crossed the rainbow bridge. The worst day of my life. 

Jack, these last few months have really been awful. A world none of us knew. 

Daisy has got used to me being home. It’s also been very hot and the poos sausage has had 3 seizures in 10 days. The last one being just a few hours ago. So I’m definitely hating this day more than ever. 

I’ve got you a new plaque for your bench my gorgeous boy. It came today so I will pop it on tomorrow, along with some new fairy lights for you. 

I miss you Jack, each and every day. Wish you were here to help me look after Daisy, I could do with your love and cuddles. It’s so hard seeing her go through this wretched disease, 

I’m going to try and get some sleep now. Don’t ever forget how much I love you and what a lucky Mummy I am to have had you as my boy and my soul mate.
Stay by my side my Jack Face, let me know you are here. 

I love you always and forever
Mummy xxxx


Jack you will always be my sunshine. Love you forever my baby boy xxxxxxx
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Hello gorgeous Jack.
I hope you are running and playing happily with my girl, Bella.  I know that she would love you. 
Watch over your mummy and Daisy.  Your mummy misses you so much every day, but one day she will be with you...won't that be an amazing day?  Imagine the cuddles, kisses and belly rubs you will get then!
Take care of my Bellsy for me.  I am sure that you will.
from Bella's mummy  xxx

Hi Toni,
I am thinking of you and your beautiful boy, Jack, on the 6th anniversary of his journey to Rainbow Bridge. I know that no matter how many years pass, the emptiness is still there. We miss them every day and will until we can be with them again. I truly hope that Jack is with Bella and they are so very happy while they wait for us. They deserve to be happy in return for the immense happiness they brought into our lives.
I am very sorry to read about Daisy having seizures.  What is her diagnosis?  I can only imagine how distressing it is to watch her suffer like that.  I hope the seizures settle down.

Take care of yourself lovely lady.
Your friend,
Karen xx
(Bella, Charli and Buddy's very lucky mum)

My gorgeous girl, Bella  26/07/2004 - 03/04/2014
"You were once by our side, but you will be forever in our hearts. Until we meet again baby girl."
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