The Pekingese hybrid is a cross between a Beijing dog and a feathered Japanese dog (a descendant of the Beijing dog). These two breeds have very close relatives and similar characteristics, so many owners are often paired. In addition, the number of Pekingese dogs and purebred Japanese dogs is not high, so the number of crosses must be increased.
Both Pekingese, Japanese and Pekingese are very gourmet, how many of them will eat up and do not know how to eat, so you need to eat with meals, and control the volume of food properly, avoid food in the bowl all day. In addition, this breed is quite lazy but eat more so it is easy to be obese, you should take them for a walk, running in the open space often to lose fat.
Many breeders complain that they have a foul odor, however, according to their experience, you only need to take a bath for them every two weeks with shampoo for dogs that will be completely odor free.
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