My Midnight has been gone since October, I had her cremated and have kept the remains in the house.  It was never my intention to keep them long term, I made a vow to set her ashes free when it got warm again.  Now it is warm and I'm at a conflict with myself.  I have a (public) place picked out at a park and it was my intention to bury the ashes in that place.   But now I can't help but wonder if its better to spread the ashes rather than bury them.  And the more I hang on indecisiveness the longer she stays in a box.  

Do I bury the ashes and have a place to visit her?  Do I spread the ashes so I can set her free completely and let the wind take her on her own adventures?  

What about burying half and spreading half?   I just don't know.  That dog was my baby girl.. I want the final "goodbye" to be the right one.  And I'm limbo on deciding how
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I had Darcy cremated too. For the 1st year or two I want her with me. Being with me is what she’d want. Maybe one day, if I can let her go. I feel the best way to heal is to burry her in a garden so every spring a part of her is with something growing. But I want to be 100% sure before I let go. 

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