how long does it take 2 get over the grief their isent a day which dosent go past where i dont think about him .Our puppy was poorly not long after we got him he had a heart murmor then got panosteitis which made him very poorly .he then once again got poorly at 10 months when we sadly had 2 have him put to sleep . i know i dident have him very long but he was like my best friend

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I wish I could tell you how long but your grief is yours alone and it will take as long as it needs to. I am so sorry that your puppy had such a hard time. However, he was lucky to have you to care for him and give him the release from this life that he needed. He didn't have to suffer alone. He died knowing he was loved and that is worth something. Not every animal is destined to live a long, beautiful life and that is the chance we take when we open up our hearts to them. They are a gift and we must cherish them for as long as they are with us. Let's face it, it's NEVER long enough. They always take a piece of our hearts with them when they go. Havana was a part of my life for less than a year but the loss of her has impacted me in a major way. I still think of her everyday, and maybe always will, but as time passes, it does get a bit easier. I hope the same is true for you. Please know that I understand your loss and your pain. You are not alone.
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