I invite anyone who wishes to do so to view a memorial video I made for my beloved dog Sadie (this is the youtube link) 

She was put to sleep on Dec. 11, 2010. It was extremely painful for me to carry out this dreadful decision but I realized it had to be done and it was the right thing to do. I highly recommend those who lost their furry friends to make a nice video montage of their pet as it does help alot with the healing process. I'm not saying it's easy as I cried throughout the making of this video but in the long run it does help!  I don't cry as much now BUT I'm always thinking of her. At least her pain is gone and she's at peace.
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beautiful tribute  ! i wish i had more pics of my pups ....but you always think you have more time ! very sorry for your loss . shepards are a special breed .
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Just watched your video on Youtube for your beloved Sadie. You did a great job, and I am sure Sadie is happy and healthy at the Rainbow Bridge. Blessings to you.

Blessings to you, Darlene - Skipper May 10,1991/ Dec. 10,2008
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