It has been a very sad year so far. On January 20th I had to put my sweet kitty Myles to sleep. He had not been feeling well for 3 days, Vet thought it was his Asthma so we put him on his med's without him being seen. On the 20th we made a visit to check him out. After an xray it was confirmed Myles had congested heart failure .He was 11 years, the oldest of all our pets. There was nothing they could do for him. I held him in my arms and told him it was OK to go play with his brother Tiger. As I kissed him goodbye and held him close I was not to know we would replay this scenario again in July.

My beautiful Lhasa and constant companion Duncan would join his brother. Duncan was 9years old and ruled our home. He had lots of health issues due to being a puppy mill dog. We would have gone to the end of the earth to help him. He was the best. I spent most of the day with him and he slept beside me each night. Now my home is so quiet. I miss being a mom.

Friends say, it is time to get a puppy. Not sure how I feel. I am numb.
It has to get easier, but I feel the pain will never go away.

Sleep softly my little babies. Thank you for all the love you gave me.

Duncan & Myles Mom xx
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I'm so sorry Gertie. Sorry to say the pain never goes away. For me anyway. As for time to get a new puppy?? You'll know when its time. Everyone is different. I haven't NOT had a dog for 50 years until now. Loosing my last little boy cut me to the bone. Will I save another life at some point? Of course I will, everyone of my babies were rescues and they would all want me to save someone, but I am just not really ready yet. I still only want the boy I lost. I'm hoping that will change some day.
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well, you said you miss being a mom.

Then that is your answer.

Get another furbaby.

You never replace love. You just love. You won't have another like the one you had, but somethings will remind you of Myles.

I have never had cats, but I have had dogs...each was different. Each was special. One dog would get the newspaper from the driveway and carry it into the house. None of the other dogs could do that trick. One dog was just so well behaved and stayed. the other would run away whenever he got a chance - but he would follow me in every room. Now the dog I have now, she is very well behaved and barks at me like she's telling me how dreadful it was to be away from me.  But none of the dogs were the dogs I had lost previously. 

Doesn't mean I didn't love them dearly.

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