I lost my dear Spook on 9/8. She graced me with her presence for 16 years. I knew it would be hard for sometime but really wasn't sure how long. I will always have her presence with me no matter if a new fur baby be introduced into the home. I was feeling a loss of companionship and felt it was time. Plus my other fur baby seemed lost. So I introduced a new fur baby. Now I think it just wasn't time. Luckily, my mom lives with me and Lula had taken to her very well and is playing with Dollie. But it seems I've fallen back into the depression I first had when Spook passed. Lula doesn't seem to take to me as I had hoped for. I feel that, somehow, I may emit something that would make her skiddish of me. It's definitely not on purpose. Now, I'm just devistated. Not only do I still have the loss of Spook, now I've got the loss of Lula. Maybe I'm over thinking this but I'm just unsure. Has anyone had this or similar feelings?
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If I may say so, you may be overthinking things because of your grief. Spook will always be with you and you'll always love her. A new pet would not have known Spook but may have that sense that animals get that you need your space. It may have been a tad early but it's good that Lula has settled in well.
If you need to cry for Spook that's alright as long as you let out the sad feelings that you have. Let Lula play with Dollie, Dollie is happy and your mom and Lula are getting along. Then when you have had a chance to grieve Spook you will open your heart to this new fur baby and you will become closer. Meantime try and relax. My sympathy on your sad loss. Hugs to you,
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