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When I read this it brought a few similarities to mind. William had a " car ride" blanket. He would make himself comfy during rides. I did take him to the vet with that blanket. I left it with him after he was put down. I told the vet I would hold him during the entire process and he said sometimes they do lose their bowels. I said it's ok whatever happens. It did not happen.
I'm thinking of your skirt. I do slot of sewing so I always think what can I do with that?? I would prob never wear it again. I think I would wash it and make pillows out of it. Just a thought...
As far as gross... nothing we do to try and help us along is gross. So, you do whatever you need to do.
William had blankets everywhere in our house. I will never was them. I don't know how long that smell will stay but it's very comforting when you need a hug❤️
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