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Goobiesbf, AmandW01, and Caverman thank you all for the kind words.  They are truley appreciated and does give me some comfort to know that I am not alone. 

Caverman - you do indeed understand where I am coming from.  It was sooooo important to me to be able to muster up the strenght to let Sixxy go before he began to really suffer from his tumor and the effects of that.  Once I made the decision everything in my life was put on hold, and I did all the things that make him happy.  Which included a lot of sniffing, and a lot of steak.  One of Sixx's favorite things was to just sniff stuff, all kinds of stuff.  Once he got that snout of his down you couldn't get his attention.  We spent our last week together on the bike path that is near our house (lots of sniffing to be done there), on the couch (both of our favorite places), and in the kitchen cooking up something good for him to eat.  His last meal was a $9.00 steak, and some Haagendazs ice cream. 

 I know once the pain I'm feeling because of loosing him subsides a bit I know that I will cherish the fact I did the right thing by him.  I didn't wait to long becasue that guilt would have been unbearable to me.  He passed in my arms with dignity, and with a full belly.  I don't think he would have wanted it any other way.

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Yes. I understand. Making that last decision for them is never
easy because you want to hold onto them as long as you can.
That is a natural human caring emotion when you bond to your pet and they bond to is no different that two humans bonding and having to say goodbye.  I had to make
that decision because it was too unbearable when he couldn't
eat anymore. I had put it off once before, but I knew there
would be a time when I couldn't put it off any longer for his sake.  I even had the emergency number in case I had to do
it in the middle of the night, but usually by then it has progressed to a tramautic even for both the pet and the owner, and it makes the guilt for the pet caretaker and the suffering for both a lot worse.  Going peacefully with a nice
last meal is all that any of us can ask for when it comes time
to leave.  Daniel.
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