6 years ago we had to put our first "baby", Cheyenne, down at 17 years old. My husband and I were destroyed by the loss. My kids never really bonded that close with her since she was older when they came along.
So tonight we had to let "their" dog, Angel,go at 14 years old. My kids have had this dog since they were very little. I am devastated for my loss but even more broken hearted for them. He was such an important part of our lives. I am so consumed by my grief I am worried I am not helping them. Plus I have the guilt from wondering if we tried everything we could to help him live longer. Thankfully we had a home hospice vet who has been caring for him (and us). So he was able to pass in his own bed surround by all of us. We spent the day with him loving on him, giving him a steak dinner with cupcakes. We made paw mold and prints.My kids are 20 year old triplets and an 18 year old, so old enough to understand and be a part of the decision. But as their mom, I still feel like they are "kids" and want to help them. I am trying so hard to be strong for them, but feel like I am failing miserably! I can't stop crying.
I want to do something special for each of them, but am not sure what to do. Framed pics? Divide the ashes so they each have some?
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We've just lost our little one 2 days ago (I posted separately) - and are in a similar situation with our children, who are 16 and 17.
They are dealing with it differently, but had the extra burden of having to carry our boy home after the accident as we were away at the time; and I don't know what stress trauma they may be going through.

My son is dealing with it differently to my daughter, he's blaming himself for it happening on his watch, even though it could have happened at anytime to anyone; but is putting on a brave face and talking around the events at the weekend.  We asked him whether he wanted to come to the vet to say goodbye (he did), but didn't push him into doing anything he didn't want.

My daughter hasn't mentioned it at all, but I've given her this website url to look at as she may respond better to a messenger chat, much like myself.

Everyone deals with it differently - I suggested flowers at the site, but my wife is too grief stricken at the moment - the main thing is to stick together and talk, in between the tears.  We have so many common thoughts and feelings that we never spoke about til now, and I can only hope we'll be stronger as time passes.
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