I lost my baby of 12 years today.  I’m feeling so lost and just when I think I can’t possibly cry anymore I manage to do so. I don’t know how I’m supposed to do my daily activities.  I’m just numb.  I miss her so much.  
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sorry for your loss, i'm feeling numb also and cried for days. The feeling in my guts is so strong, that tells me just how strong a connection we have with out pets. Cry, and find someone to talk to, it helps. Try and keep busy but think of the good times. It's got to be one of the hardest things we go through in life.
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Sorry for your loss.We have no choice but to try and carry on otherwise like I have you just fall deeper into the abyss.Seven weeks and I have cried every day sometimes more than once and still am.I know I will never get back to normal but something near to that will be a start.Hang in there and cry as much as you like.Sending hugs.

Love Runningman xx
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