My best friend Odie was went missing almost a week ago. I’m a full time college student living not to far from home, but my parents said they would watch my dog. I still bought his meds and everything. Yet, when I left initially I felt bad bc I only saw him every so often. My dad texted me this Friday saying he went missing Wednesday. I drove over immediately and started looking frantically. My families house is in the country forest area and they live on a ranch, so coyotes, mountain lions, and sometimes even wolves might show up. It terrifies me to think about. I put up posters(214 to be exact) Saturday, made a Facebook, put out multiple missing ads/alerts, and called off work. Worked today feeling guilty. I’ve had Odie since I was ten and being the youngest in the house(my second youngest sibling being seven years older then me) he grew up with me. I feel like it’s my fault because I always made sure where he was. I know that sounds unreasonable, but going there and not seeing him leaves me so confused and upset. I have dreams that he will show up and jump in my arms. I know they’re just dreams. I don’t even know if he’s alive or not and that leaves me in so much turmoil. I want to find him, but there’s this constant pinging in the back of my head saying I won’t be able to find him. Yet, I don’t know when I should or shouldn’t stop searching. I feel like I owe it to him to search for a long time since I wasn’t there. It hurts to think he is alone and scared and I hate this helpless feeling.

I want my dog back so much. Alive or dead. The only thing that I have of his as a token of remembrance is a stuffed animal shark I gave him when he was a puppy and teething. I take it everywhere and just pray he comes back. I know some people are optimist and hopeful, but the odds are starting to stack against me. It’s just getting harder and harder to sleep knowing he isn’t safe here with me. I just want him with me.
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Your message about your beautiful dog, Odie, is absolutely heartbreaking.  Most people here are grieving over pets who we know are dead but your situation is the worst of all--not knowing whether he is alive or dead. It sounds like you are searching in every way that is possible.  I don't think that you can give up searching because you need to have a definite answer.  It may not come but I am praying that you will find out one way or another.  Please keep us informed as you continue to search and let us know how it is going.  I am sure many people who read your message are thinking about you and hoping and praying for the best outcome,  if possible, but at least for some definite information.
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I am so sorry for the unfortunate quagmire that you are placed in. First of all, let go of any self-blame or second guessing. You did the responsible thing be making sure that Odie was taken care of while you were gone.

Unfortunately, it sounds like there is a possibility that a coyote, wolf or mountain lion got to your baby. Or Odie could have just got a spell of wonderlust and ran off.

I think that the unknowing must be the worst. 

Please try to stay positive. Your precious angel could come back to you any day now!

You are a kind and compassionate person, and that will get you far in life.

Warm regards,

K. Unger
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Dear Jim,

I am sorry to read of what you are coping with / enduring. By the words you wrote in your post you can easily realize just how much you truly love your lad "Odie."

I have a few bits of good information to relay to you that you may find of comfort.

My ex-fiance back in the year 2000, had a cat named "Peanut." "Peanut" was an indoor cat, who never, not ever, went outside as she and my ex lived in the Laurel Canyon area of Los Angeles, which is hilly and covered with trees and scrub brush etc., and is known for having many coyotes.

"Peanut" ran away one night and disappeared. We would go out looking for her each day and night. And late at night we would run into coyotes on the streets. We saw many of them again and again and again. And it seemed the odds were next to impossible that "Peanut" somehow survived. But she did.

Three weeks later my ex found "Peanut" in a house that was being constructed at the bottom of the hill below her house. Somehow "Peanut had managed to adapt and survive."

As you may know - a dogs average life in the wild is 10 years. This applies to mid-size dogs, which your "Odie" appears to be. That is how long feral / wild dogs in the wilderness survive, including in areas with known, larger / natural predators. Dingo's in Australia are not that large, but are know to live in the outback for around 10 years. And Australia is known for being one of the most dangerous wooded areas in the World.

As I write this there is a feral rescue kitten (that I am fostering named "KID") laying on my lap, he has with two coyote bites (nips) on the rear of his neck and his back left hind quarters (which required surgical staples to close.) His Mother (a feral cat named "Mom-Cat" for all the litters she had over the years here in our neighborhood) and his Father ("Blackie") and KID's older friend cat "Cherry") and his neighbor cat across the street ("Fleas") were all attacked and taken by coyotes in the month of July 2019 here. This little kitten somehow not only survived the attacks mentioned above, but relocated successfully a block away from the attacks which was nearer to my office. 

So in keeping with the above, your "Odie" might still be okay.

The other possibility relates to the following - I know many feral / stray rescue volunteers. For both dogs and cats. And I and they have met many people who have adopted pets, that had runaway or in some case started to take care of a dog or cat, because the dog or cat chose to start hanging out at their home vs. that of their owners. One pet I knew shared two families. They would go back and forth to both families as if it was like joint-custody with a child.

Unfortunately, or at times fortunately (if an animal is being abused or neglected) a new pet parent may not even reveal that they are taking care of and may have rescued then adopted a runaway pet. Because they are lonely, at times is the reason. Think about it, a lonely person is driving, comes across a dog and just picks them up and takes them away. It happens all the time. Not all people are honest. Not all are going to run chips to try and find the parent. They rationalize in their heads "Oh well, they were not taking care of their dog so I will!"

So if "Odie" felt it was necessary? in order to survive? to be friendly with a complete stranger, "Odie" may have been rescued and adopted. Again, it happens all the time. In this case, hopefully this individual will see one of your flyers that you made and come forward and contact you. I hope that occurs shortly.

Please don't give up hope. It is very admirable that you have put your heart and energy and efforts into the search for "Odie" and that for many years you provided "Odie" with a loving, kind, affectionate and comfortable home. That means a great deal. All pups should be so blessed and fortunate.

My kindest regards,

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