Hello and thank you for reading.

Our beloved Jack Russell Peanut was put down 16 months ago and she was only 7.

My grief is still so hard to deal with.  I cry every week and have photos everywhere.  My husband, son and I are lost without her.  We have another Jack and we love him so much but he tends to be a loner.

I’m on anti depressants as I was in an even worse state before.  My mind keeps on replaying when she died (at home) and when the vet put her to sleep she lay there eyes wide open.   I was screaming silently in my head as we couldn’t bring her back and I was hyperventilating .   The vet carried her away in my Snoopy blanket as she loved it.  It’s burnt on my memory.  Even typing this I’m crying.  I’ve never experienced grief like this.

How do I go on? X

Be nice as you never know what someone is going through
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Dear Jules71,

I am 1 year 1 month and 9 days into my own journey of grief. And am also still hurting each day and missing my own boy.

All we can do is soldier on. Keep going. Keep moving. Continue to travel through time. Be grateful and pray for mercy during these difficult times.

I am sorry you and yours are still hurting so and hope you continue to heal-up as best you can.

Remember: The level of the grief you feel is the level of the love that your beloved felt from you during the time that you were together. So how much did she know that she was loved?

: )

Kind regards,
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Jules71, I am just so very sorry about your grief.  I know you would never expect to lose her at age 7. Mine was almost 9 and I  still can't accept that she had to go so soon. You, your husband, and son are in my prayers that you find peace.  Glad you came across Rainbow Bridge. It's been my saving grace. I hope you find solace here, and  I feel sure you will.  I'm so sorry about your little peanut. 
Linda L.
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