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  My condolences about the passing of your beloved Charlie. I think the melatonin can be helpful as a sleep aid. I think you are making a wise decision using the melatonin instead of a pharmaceutical or an over the counter sleep aid product. Pharmaceuticals can -and often do - have nasty side effects. That's something that none of us need right now. So glad that you are cuddling up at night with one of Charlie's blankets. Yes, I think that can very comforting. I'm still struggling with my sleep. I do sleep for a few hours here and there  but it's a far cry from my natural sleep pattern. I am trying lots of different things (nutraceuticals, amino acids, etc.). I'm researching something now called: l-theanine.  It's a natural occuring amino acid that can help promote sleep. Still reading the reviews. Haven't tried it yet. Will post with my experience once I begin using it.

Jim Miller
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