As some of you know, I lost my Grady last month both suddenly and without warning.  One thing that concerns me is could Grady have gotten something from another cat I have let spend some nights in my garage when the weather is bad. The cats had little contact and when they did, I was present. The two were separated by a door when I wasn't around. There was no fighting, but I did see the other cat eat from Grady's dish twice when he ran into the basement. This happened in the month of June; two months prior to Grady's death. Some history on this cat is as follows. Last August, I went outside to bring my dog inside. As I approach her, I hear this pitiful wail repeatedly. I could not tell where it was coming from since my back yard has several trees and shrubs in it. I saw a small black shadow on the ground to my right. It was a tiny black kitten that was dehydrated and malnourished. It was quite hot out, so I gave it water and food. To make a long story short, I nursed this cat and it is now a beautiful black cat.  Since that day, this cat has returned daily at the same time for food much the same way as Grady did when he was once a stray. I have tried to find a home for him, but to no avail. Taking him to the pound here is a death sentence. So far, he rarely strays too far from my yard. I saved this cat's life and have continued to feed him. I have grown somewhat  fond of him. I would hate to think that saving his life and caring for him led to Grady's death.
Rodney Lee
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Try not to beat yourself up over what may have happened..I too did for 4 days over the why and how and then a friend of mine said this to me (maybe it will help you too)

"she had an incident, heart, seizure or such..she will not be able to cross over until YOU accept she had a heart attack..she can't leave this earth watching you in such put it to rest that she did have a heart attack,and move past that part of it,for her,for you,for your kids.. Grieve, cry,etc,but leave the "how" behind.Easy for me to say..I know how awful this is..It is not only emotional but also very physical..Stay strong my friend..start talking about all the funny things she did!!"

Some how that writing from my friend did it, I mean don't get me wrong Im still shedding tears and looking for her in all the places she would lay but I feel at peace and I started to hurt more knowing that maybe I'm keeping her spirit here next to me with all my sorrow and once I let go, I was Finally able to look at pictures of her and it took me 4 days before I would go out into my back yard where she was buried..My heart is still heavy but I m at peace. I hope you will find your Peace

Oh one more thing I finally called the vet "again hoping for the HOW answer" and he said most of the sudden deaths are caused by heart attacks or seizure ....

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Rodney, I am sorry you are hurting so.  I think mdoumani is right.  Try not to beat yourself up.  You were doing something kind for another kitty.  It is unlikely that the kitty you helped ended up hurting poor Grady.  But I understand why you are worried because I've been beating myself up over my Robin Adrian.  You are in my thoughts.  
Robin Adrian "Little Bear"s Mom
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Take the kitty to the vet. Then you'll know and you'll have peace of mind
Heather Johnson
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