When my husband got ill and died in 2006,   leaving me bereft in my early 40s,  I was desperate for contact with him,  and began reading online articles about EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenem).  It is based on a theory that the dead can speak to us on certain frequencies which can be picked up on digital technology.

What it basically amounts to is buying a small digital recorder,  and leaving it on in an empty room.   You might record your own voice asking a few questions in the beginning.  Later,  you play it back,  and hope that your deceased loved one has responded.  The voice is usually a whisper.

I must admit,  I was extremely skeptical,  but I dutifully went out and bought a small digital recorder.   I was amazed when I played it back after leaving it on all night,  and heard my husband whisper "Yes"  when I had asked if he was there.  I showed it to my son and my mother,  and they were amazed at how it did sound just like his voice.

In any case,  now I have come upon an article about using EVP for deceased dogs and other pets.

Wonder if there is any point in trying this?  Guess I am once again desperate from grief.
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I got chills all through my body, it is amazing that your husband responded to you! Funny you should mention this, because I was actually thinking about weird stuff like that, and what is in my mind for a few days is that our sight is limited to a 3D world, and our hearing as well, to a certain frequency. We can't imagine what we can't see, and it is possible that our eyes don't see everything. Just like we can't see all the colors of the rainbow, it doesn't mean they're not there.
I think you should try whatever makes you feel better. I will read the article myself, sounds quite interesting.
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Yes,  Maddy;  It was a huge comfort to me in my early widow's grief,  and I never repeated the experiment as I was so thrilled to have heard him,  and did not want to press the point.  But yes,  what have we got to lose?  Thanks for your response. ;)
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When I was in my early teens, I had this shadow person(not sure what to call it) follow me in three different states and I saw it four times. I am a firm believer in the afterlife and that angels and demons exist. I would love to do an EVP to hear my beloved Kara once again, but I'm afraid that the voice on the other side might not be one I want to hear. That is just my experience with the paranormal, but I wish all the best of luck who decide to do an EVP session. I really truly hope you can hear your loved ones once again :) .
“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened.”
― Anatole France
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It sounds interesting. As far as I know, some people have had intriguing results with EVP.
I tried it once. It was when Misty was still with me here. I wasn't sure if I was doing it right...I tuned a radio between stations, and left it on 'white noise' while recording at the same time. Then I sat still with Misty and read a book.
Misty kept looking at me as if I was nuts! Then she pawed at me as if to say "Let's do something more interesting?? Hey?? This is boring as heck!"
So I just cracked up laughing and switched it off.
I haven't thought of trying it since. But it might work. It's very impressive that you heard your husband's voice.
I think so long as we keep our love for them, and tune into them in our inner feelings at the same time, in the best way we can, with all our love, it's not likely to attract anything else.
Hold the love like a little light. It is all you have, or will ever have, to find your way home.

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Misty's life after death:
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Thanks,  Seleya and Mistysmama for your thoughtful replies:  It is I guess more "grist for the mill". As I said I never tried again once I heard my husband's voice as I was just so grateful and did not want to "jinx"  it.  But I suppose it would not hurt to at least try-  although I would rather hear a bark than a human voice speaking for my dog....that part is a bit odd....
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I find it all interesting.
When they come to us in a dream visit they don't speak in
human voice but mind to mind - just like when they were
here with us. We always knew what they were saying and what they
wanted - they speak the same way to us and we understand
everything - we just understand it in our language though
it comes through the heart and soul.
I can feel Bear in my whole insides when he has visited me.
I am filled with Love.
I speak to him with Love every single day.
He will always be the Love of My Life.
You are not weird - LOL!
Not at all.
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