Well its been 1 week today that Haupia (Hunners) went to Rainbow Bridge.....Her birthday was on Saturday but because we had a tsunami scare everything was closed so we couldn't go get her....I had mixed feelings about what would happen when I did pick her up (remains) and just dwell ed on it....Dwelling is not we went to get her today and I could not stop balling.....before this thou I had been seeing signs of her wanting to come home....yesterday I swear I saw her at the back screen door wanting to come inside so I opened the door unconsciously and started to scream like "How could I do that" shes not here....but I believe she is and she wanted to come home to be at rest....Her remains are now home and she is playing with all the other "Fur Angels" over at Rainbow Bridge...Its been and will continue to be hard to deal with the loss but God has told me in the last week that He will comfort me and heal my pain cause he is a God of everlasting love....Thank you Rainbow Bridge are all in my prayers and blessings daily....

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I'm happy that you've finally gotten Haupia home.  There's something comforting about having them back where they belong instead out among strangers.  I picked up my Goobie's ashes last Friday and even though I knew it would be hard, I couldn't wait to have him back home.  It has been very difficult at times but I wouldn't have it any other way.  This is where he lived from the time he was 4 weeks old and this is where he belongs.

Opening the door for hunners sounds OK to me.  I still automatically talk to my cat like I always did then immediately realize that he's not here with me anymore and fall apart.  There's no rule book or time limit on our grief.  We'll just have to muddle along doing the best we can until our memories of the good times slowly replace our feelings of immense loss.  When things get tough just crawl on up into God's big lap and rest. 
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I have mixed feelings about my beloved Jake's was quite upsetting picking them up from the vet's. He is the first dog I have ever done this with......I had to help him cross the bridge after having him for 15 of his 17 years......

I hold the ashes and think "this represents Jake" even though I know his soul is somewhere else. I could see that "Jake" was no longer part of the body I was holding in the vet's office that day....but where is he? He is so far away I can't feel him....touch him.....smell him......where has he gone?????

I know he has to exist.....I just wish I had proof or felt him somehow. The feeling that he is lost or looking for his mommy hurts me too much...
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I believe that our earthly body and our souls are separate both for pets and humans. Just like humans, each pet is unique and has a personality, a soul that must pass on when
the body is no longer capable of supporting is Gaia..the
ways of nature and we must be concious of it.

The remains must be treated with respect for the life that was
and what it meant while alive.  Your little Jake is all around you and will probably appear in your dreams, just like my
little Boots did the night before and last night...I woke up
when i heard him again. 
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