I know the holidays can be difficult for many of us who are grieving over our lost beloved pets. I am feeling it today. 

My wife and I had to euthanize our very special dog Tasha about 3 months ago. 

I have been very active out here on this Pet Loss Support forum for these 3 months. I have been getting much support and trying to give much support. Sometimes every day for weeks on end. The support was so very helpful to me.

I am posting today to say Thank You All so very much! For all of the support you have given to me.

Losing my "child", my special 11 year dog Tasha, has been the most painful and challenging loss of my life. I still cannot fully understand it is real and she is gone, but I have made tremendous progress in my grieving. I don't know how I would have dealt with this grieving and losing her had it not been for all of you and all of your help to me at this forum. 

You are all wonderful, special people to me. Thank you so much for being there for me. 

May we all find peace as we go forward. We were wonderful loving pet parents to our special pets. 

Tasha's Dad
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Hi Tasha's Dad,

You were the first person I posted to. As I wrote to you in my first post, it was your post about your loss of Tasha that made me sign up for this forum so I could respond to you. Your experience with Tasha was so similar to what we experienced with our Polo. While I wouldn't wish it on anyone, it was helpful read the experiences of others with similar stories. Somehow reading that someone had gone through the same thing and made the same choice helped with the guilt than came from the decision to euthanize.

I found support and comfort here that I couldn't find in my "real life". The people here are truly wonderful, special people.
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I second this. This forum has been instrumental in keeping me 'normal' in my daily life. I can mourn, cry, relate, empathize, grieve, and remember my friend with people who understand here. It is both soothing and cathartic. I can go home and have my social life and go to work having unpacked my feelings in a healthy way, and I thank you all as well for that.


I hate that this is how we found each other, but I am grateful.

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Your replied to my "Having much trouble moving on after euthanizing my special dog 9 weeks ago" posting was the most poignant and helpful reply I have received from anyone on this forum.

Polo and Tasha had seemingly so much in common, that they both endured and suffered the same terrifying symptoms, and we as their loving "parents" had to intervene and quickly to end their suffering.

Your reply made me feel so less alone in my grieving and loss. One of the worst things about grieving strongly is that you can feel so very alone at times, that nobody else understands what you lost and what you went through leading up to needing to euthanize your special beloved pet.

Your reply helped me so much. I felt very close to you and your husband, and I felt and continue to feel that you two know exactly how I feel and you two lived through something almost unimaginable with Polo as my wife and I did with Tasha.

Thank you again so very much for that reply. May you both find more peace each day as we go forward.

Tasha's Dad

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Hello Tasha's dad, I saw your post and was wondering how I start one...I need some help because I am terribly heartbroken because of my Lenny! I don't know how this works or how you start it up. It just says you can reply to any of these posts, but I don't know how to start a new one! I am grieving like you. But my circumstances that led up to my Lenny leaving are different than most and I feel so bad! I didn't know this forum was here. I just need to talk to people. I can't stand this anymore. I cry everyday, and haven't gotten much sleep since my boy left....I made it thru Christmas and Thanksgiving and his birthday which was June 1st. Now it's coming up on a year very soon and I don't know what to do! He is/was my Sunshine and our bond was so close even the vet noticed it. I was wondering if you can tell me how I make a new post. I just want to tell people how special my boy was...I just can't stop crying....I don't even know if I did this right! 

Ann Meehl
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Hello MyLenny! Nope you did this right. Don't feel bad, I was in the same boat posting the first time. You sound like I did the first time I posted after having to make the choice to put my 15yo cat Raven down. You've come to the right place. Everyone here is compassionate and kind. It's normal to feel the way you do. That's what we're here for. This forum has been a boon to me. You can just respond to this post if you'd like to tell us about Lenny. It sounds like you two were a lot like Raven and I.

Take care!
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God Bless you. You have been a great help to me. Much comfort.I'm so sorry for the loss of Tasha. You have a beautiful heart.
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