So tonight is Xmas Eve. I'm already sitting here thinking of how I can't wait to take the tree down and the decorations. Had to put everything up for my grandchildren. No use making them feel down. I have a family member visiting and staying with me. Getting constant questions of why I'm so quiet and not talking much. The noise from the tv and the continuous movement around my apt is really bothering me. I miss my baby so much and keep remembering her tearing open her Xmas gifts. I'm getting concerned because my furbaby hasn't visited me in my dreams yet. Anyways, company coming over tonight I will be glad when the holidays are over because everything is an effort. It's hard to be around bubbly people when you are feeling so sad. Happy Xmas Eve Peanut. Mommy loves you and misses you. I wish I could spend the holidays with just you and your sister Gracie. Right now I just want to be alone.
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I’m sorry and so understand how you feel. Past few days I’m randomly crying. I’m sure family members probably assume all is good and so does my husband. Yeah glad when Christmas is over. I’m not in the mood for any of it! I miss my Lily and that’s it! She is not here, I’m usually taking her Christmas photo by the tree. I hope 2020 is a better year for all of us. I hope another dog comes into my life, even though my hubby said no more. 2019 was bad with constant trips to the vet and learning my girl was very ill.
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