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I just read your initial thread. I am so so so sorry for the loss of your Hitomi and everything you went through. My heart broke while reading your story. Your love was surrounding your baby. Always know that...
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Hi Jody thank you for taking the time to read my thread about Hitomi. She was a great dog and I still miss her so much. I try to get through the days the best I can. It's hard when you just muddle through. My car just broke down over the weekend, its completely gone, cannot be repaired. This was the last place Hitomi was before having her surgery. I would often talk to the empty seat beside me on my way to work feeling a little better just knowing that once she sat there. Now that's gone too. I am just having a bad streak of luck because I cannot afford another car right now and have to rely on transportation.

I am so sorry about your dog Tony, hopefully one day things will get better.
hitomi's mom
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