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Thank you so much! Bailey was so precious to me just as I know Herbie was to you and you are right; they deserve to be mourned. I really believe we will see them again. I think it is important not to place expectations on yourself right now. You just need to do whatever helps you through this awful grief. I remember someone told me it would get a little better each day and I kept thinking "What's wrong with me?" because I wasn't feeling better but then I had a friend said she had experienced a little less grief each day and I did (eventually) find that was true for me. I might go a few minutes longer without thinking of Bailey or stopping a TV show 4X instead of 6 because I could feel the panic building. Grief is such a difficult process. There is no doubt about it but eventually I began a Memory book for Bailey - my way of honoring his life and the good times we shared. I am still working on it. That might be something you would like to do eventually. I also have a Memory box that a friend gave me and I put pictures, sympathy cards, donations in memory of, Bailey's collar, his favorite toy, etc. in the box. Whatever you decide to do, just know that you are not alone. Come and visit at the forum because there will always be someone waiting to offer support.
Blessings to you as well and to your beautiful "buppsy" .
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So sorry to hear about Herbie. My wife and I lost Murphy yesterday, and I am totally crushed too. You were just doing what needed to be done, Herbie had problems, and you were helping him. It was just one of those things, and I am certain that he is thanking you for trying to make his life better. I know these are just words, and they really wont take away the pain, but believe me, all of us hear in this forum are putting collective arms around each other, and we will all walk hand in hand across the bridge someday to all our pups and kits and the joy will be beyond all belief.
Now all that being said, I don't know how my wife and I will cope. Murphy was everywhere, and because he was dependent on us, he was deeply ingrained in our daily lives. Now he is gone, and I just don't know what to do. So, I am not looking for sympathy really, I just want you to know you are not alone in your horrible pain, and that by not being alone you have friends you never met!
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I must say that this website has restored my faith in human kindness.  Thank you to Bailey19 and Liam00 for reinforcing that faith.
I still miss my sweet bups so much I can't put it into words, I can't do him justice.
When I open this thread and see his picture I instantly well up.  
I've had to stay away because the sight of him is still too painful. 
I can't continue to write, too hard, thank you again to all who have gifted me their time and kindness.

Sleep well my beautiful bups, my precious little boy, forever.

r m potts
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Precious ones that hold our hearts in their paws are not easily mourned.  Take your time, grief works in its own ways in its own time.  Tears are the tears of love and care for your little one Take care of yourself.  And take some solace in knowing you are not alone.  We travel down this road of grief together - a road none of us wanted to take nor would ever be ready to take.
Your love and care for Herbie is clear.  And life will have changed . . . leaving you wondering how to carry on.  I read a quote that now has more meaning that ever:  'Grief comes in two parts.  The first part is the loss itself.  And the second is learning how to live a life without the one lost.'
Take time and do what feels right for you.
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Hi Pottsy67,
I empathize with you as my living situation is very similar yet I have not had a sibling's help and I am giving care to my Mom's husband who is battling cancer.
Little Boy was a nearly 30 pound Maine Coon cat. He was a lovable gentle giant that was
the source of much happiness and as such he strengthened me.
It's approaching 10 months since a genetic incurable kidney disease-
Sorry, it's still tough to talk about.
What I can say is that I have suffered and I think I might know some of the emotional battles that you are dealing with.
I hate what death does to innocents. I can't reconcile all the logic and platitudes about it's place or necessity in the grand scheme of things.
I know that my cat was an innocent. And he had been through so much before I brought him in from abandonment.

I have considered that we,as men, have a natural predilection to protect innocence. We naturally tend to manage situations via a kind of binary process i.e. "Identify the matter then apply the solution, repeat if necessary until victory is achieved". And if that victory isn't had we tend to kick our own butts in lieu of annihilating an enemy we can't even find. I'm sure it isn't the best or healthiest way if dealing, but as men we are maybe "hard wired" that way.
I have been through so many scenarios. I've done the "what if" thing multiple times. All that I know for sure is I loved Little Boy and he was good for me and, as a result, good for all.
I'm sure you feel similarly about your beloved friend, Herbie.
Hopefully our devotion and love somehow still gives comfort to our little ones whereever they may be. Truthfully I think they feel the same about us.

May peace comfort you,


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My condolences to you and your loved ones. There is a link to a page with many very inspirational and encouraging Bible scriptures that pertain to God's love for animals and His divine plans for them in His Heavenly Kingdom. The link is on the same page where you link to the topics forum page. It's on this website, so please check it out as soon as you can do so. Many cheers to you and your pooch for the love and kindness that you share for each other and towards everyone.
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Hello bups, its been over 3 of the longest months since you passed, and I'm in floods of tears.  I miss you my lovely friend.

I think I've made a terrible mistake by adopting another little westie, Alfie.  He's lovely but he can surely sense the sadness I feel.
I've taken him on a few walks which we went on together and I can't complete one without blubbing.  Its so unfair on him I may have to give him to sis.
I should be loving every minute of his puppyhood, but I'm too broken mentally, to get anything out of this time.  I feel guilty using Alfie as a sort of quick fix.
He deserves better.

I've changed to a man who is bitter at life and who takes it out on those closest to me and that kills me.  Herbs you gave me a feeling of calm that is lost now.
I absolutely will never forget you my bups
Sleep well, I love you always. 
r m potts
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