Hi Jet,

It's only been about 6 hours since we had to say goodbye to you but I can't stop thinking about you. We had to move your cage downstairs because I can't look at it without you being in or around it.

You never said a single word to me but I still feel like I've lost something I knew entirely too well. You were a great, loving pet and I feel terrible about the fact that there was nothing I could do for you at the end.

I hope you can forgive me for the decision I was forced to make and ever since I did, I can't help but feel like I made the wrong one. We'll see each other again someday but until then you remain in my heart.

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Tell us more about Jet-what kind of pet was he?  What were some of your happy memories of Jet?

Letting go for your pet is the most honest and loving choice you can make, you did the right decision since there was nothing else you could do for him at the end.  It is easy for me to type that, but alas, I still feel guilt at having made that decision, so I cannot emphasize that point with my heart.  But I do know with my whole soul that we will see our kids again someday-that is if we have been well behaved enough to make it to their supreme heaven!  Keep your head high and remember your boy fondly-I wish you peace and happy memories.
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Jet was a bunny, which may or may not create the same kind of sympathy for my situation.

Small, lop eared bunny with a true heart and personality. He would sit beside you for hours and let you pet him. I've never heard of a rabbit doing that. If you rubbed him under the chin he would lick your hand until you stopped. I think he knew that he was loved which made it so hard to do what I did to him.

I miss his scrunched up, innocent face. He lived to be about 6 1/2 which is quite standard for rabbits. His health deteriorated dramatically within hours earlier today. It was very sad to witness.

Love you pal.
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What a wonderful life little Jet had with you. It's obvious how much love you shared.

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Just wanted to say that your precious Jet is now free of his earthly suffering and is lying in the sun nibbling sweet carrots.  We know how difficult the decision is to give our furry friends a boost to the bridge.  Jet blesses you for your courage in helping him.  Grieving is a journey; some days are difficult, some days almost tolerable.  You will miss him for a long time, but the pain will begin to lessen.

Thinking of you and your precious Jet.


Karen,Kudo and Nico's mom
Earth mom to Marco and Bella
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