Hello, I have been a member here before in fact 7 years ago when I lost my beautiful cat Lolipop, I thought that pain was a distant memory until Wednesday when my beloved Ebony was hit and killed by a car , once again my heart is broken and I find myself here looking for comfort.
I have already adopted two kittens not to replace Ebony but because I cannot live without the love of a cat in my house it feels empty without one , I don't know how long this pain is going to last but I cant stop crying I keep thinking how my baby suffered and died without me to hold her in my arms , when I got her after losing Lolipop I promised her I would always be there for her and I let her down, my lovely neighbour saw it happen and she ran out and held her in her arms comforting her saying she would be okay and kissing her. I got a call on my mobile from my son saying she had been hit and was dead, when I came home she was in a box in the garden and looked at her and she looked normal her eyes were open and only little bit of blood was on the cardboard box. I buried her in a friends garden as mine is concrete, I am so angry that I went out and if I had not gone out she would not have been out either as she was beginning to stay home a lot and if she did go out she would stay in the garden. I cant bare the thought of her being killed in such a horrible way .
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