I havent been on in a long time,but I think about all of you,and pray for your strength.

I lost my pretty,precious Alma on 6-27-07 to bladder cancer,she was 10. I could not have made it thru one of the roughest times in my life without the love and support of the Rainbow Bridge,ya'll are the most,loving,caring people in the world.

I just wanted to thank you again for the ones that know me and Alma,and send prayers to everyone.

We love our Della & Effy,Bichon Sisters,but as you know,they dont take the place,just another baby/babys to love,and they need love.

Prayers,and strength to all.

Carolyn Fleet(Alma 1-3-97 to 6-27-07)

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thank you for your kind wishes to everyone. It's nice that you came back to visit. People who are farther along in the process, can always be helpful and give hope to others who are in the midst of it. Judy :)

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thank you 4 ur post. nvr met u b4 2nite, but glad to read ur story & hear from you. Sorry 4 ur loss of Alma. Glad you have the Bichon twins to make u laugh.

Death leaves a heartache no one can heal;
Love leaves a memory no one can steal.

Tuffy, My Puppy Love
June 20, 2005-July 26, 2010

Becky Leigh, Queen of my Heart
December 2010-November 10, 2015
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Thanks Judy & Regina for replying to my post.

We lost Alma 6-27-07 and I think I first registered with Rainbow Bridge on 7-4-07. Cant remember exactly but probably stayed on for about 1 1/2 years?? After life with Della & Effy and time passed I had to stay off the Bridge to continue my own healing,but never forgot about all of you.Did not even know the Rainbow Bridge existed until after our loss.

Like ya'll and others,I know we all grieve differently,but I cried almost 24 hours a day for 3 weeks,then my Partner said we have to do something. I was not ready to get another Dog but she made an appt to see 2 Bichon puppies,and of course we got them,and thank God we did. Along with Della & Effy and the Bridge I slowly healed but it took a good year,maybe more. I will be 68 in April and I have lost several dogs over the years,and they have all been my life,but Alma was the most special. I cant live without a Dog in my life,and one does not replace the other. We still miss and talk about all of our lost babies.

Sorry for your losses Judy & Regina,and all.

I know when the loss is fresh,it seems like the heartache will never end,but things will get better. I say let yourselves cry,or whatever it takes to heal.

Love,blessings,strength,& prayers again to all.

Carolyn & Alma  1-3-97 to 6-27-07

ps   Della & Effy are very cute and we do love them. They will be 4 yrs old 4-10-2011.They are really lap girls and they love each other so and they do make us smile everyday. Never had 2 dogs at the same time that were Sisters/litter mates.

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