We miss you. I would trade any future present. I dont want anything. I would like to have you back. To see your face again to wake up tomorrow and it was a nightmare and you were here all along. To see you in the yard happy. Remember you 1st Christmas with us I bought you a mrs claus outfit. Trying to find a stocking for you. Taking precautions on 4th of July. So the fireworks didn't spook you. I dont think I can say how much you meant to us. It is a daily hallow feeling. The neighbors dog also a German shepherd visits us alot. Its hard to look at her sometimes she makes me think of you. How you should be here. We should be planning all the holidays with you. We feed and take care of the neighbors dogs like we would our own. I know you would want that. Show them love. Ok enough rambling but 1 more thing Gina there is a special little girl up there find her and let her take care of you til we meet again.
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