I miss you. You were to good for this world.
It still rings on my ears. Trying to save the neighbors dog.
The moment of impact. Thinking not again. Two little girls lost their baby.
I hate that highway it is soaked with blood and tears.
I still look for you. When I get a FB post about local shelters I look for you.
Even though I know you have been gone since March. I still remember seeing you the day after I stared into your eyes and said go to rainbow bridge. Dont stay here for us. We want you to be free. From time to time we would see you around the house.
I bought 2 necklaces one for me one for your mom
If love could have saved you. You would live forever. I truly believe that. As much as all of us love you.
Goodbye for now
Love Grandma
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I am sorry for your loss and the pain you still feel. You loved him so much you set him free at the rainbow bridge. That is our final gift of love to our furry friends.
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I'm so sorry. Truly am. 

But thank you. Thank you for all that love you had for your pet. I want to thank you for being the best grandma ever. For caring and loving your pet as your grand baby. Because love is the best thing we can give them. Not fancy food. Not a great bed to sleep in. It's LOVE.
You will see him/her again. Eventually. 

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Thank you for all your kind words.
She is my grandbaby.
I will always love her.
She had a very rough start. The people I got her from come to find out were terrible. We loved her through everything. Sorry to ramble just a Grandma missing her girl.
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