I miss you.
There is a new resident of Rainbow Bridge.
As you probably know just take care of her or him.
Neighbors dog got hit. Your mom ran to help all I could think not again.
Grabbed a towel and ran to wrap him or her up.
Trying to save him. Grandpa took him to his family. But he died in your moms arms.
I thought maybe if we couldnt save you. We could save him.
Gina it's been a while since you left us. I still look for you. Funny I know.
Hard to believe but our new puppy is more goofy than you.
I know you sent her to us. Your mom is healing. Thank you

And to anyone who may read this
My prayers are with you and I want
To thank everyone for their kind words
As we are going thru the loss of Regina
I cant tell you how much it has helped me.
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