Hey Gina
We miss you so much.
I found a new dog.
I waited for the sign from you.
And I think you gave me your blessing she is so sweet.
Makes me think of you. We cried
After you crossed rainbow bridge. I made you a promise to find a new furbaby.
To love her as much as we love you.

I think you would like her.
I miss your goofy grin.
Your sweet face.

She did the sweetest thing she brought food to the cat.
The cat who you claimed as your baby.
I wonder if it's really you and you came back to us. Because she wouldn't stop licking my face like she knew me. She cares for the cat like you used to.
Any way just the ramblings of a old lady who misses her girl.

To all Happy Fourth of July and prayers to all that are broken hearted.
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Deecook, Congratulations on your new family addition! She sounds like a real sweetie!
I don’t believe she is Gina and she will have her own personality and loveable quirks and you’ll love her for all of those. But I can see Gina had her “paw” in this decision. She chose another dog that would love you and even love the cat (her cat) and a dog that you would be able to love. How wonderful! Thank you for your prayers and a belated Happy 4th of July to you! Hugs to you!
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Awww that is the sweetest story, I have no doubt your sweet Gina had a paw in it, congratulations on your new addition.
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