He came to our home unexpectedly with his brother.. It was a wonder when my mom who was usually against keeping pets allowed us to let both of them in. We named him Beta. He was not that cute little cuddler like his brother. He was very matured , responsible and observant. He was the sweetest, most loving member in our family. His eyes were very special. He could communicate with his eyes. Strangers were afraid of them because they were so fierce at them and we loved them because we could see all his love in them..
He hated taking photos just like me. I am not a person who shares my sorrows to others usually. I cloud myself,build walls and isolate.. He was the first one to break my walls. He would look into my eyes so long as if he knew what I was going through. He would do nothing but lie on my lap and lick my fingers till I smiled.

He would disappear for some days and would return to our home no matter what.
He was gone last week as usual. He came back very weak and fatigued. He is really greedy for food but he didn't even eat anything yesterday. He lay on my lap all day long without letting me go.He usually sleeps at my aunt's house. Yesterday at 11:30 pm, he came running from there. He called out for me as he does always from the place we play usually.
As I ran out to see what happened, he ran towards me, crying. But the next second, I saw him lying on the floor, breathing heavily, mourning and tears flowing. Even at those moments,he was looking straight into my eyes.
Whenever I close my eyes,it is his teary eyes that comes to my mind. He came all along the way just to see me one last time. He was my everything.. my supporter,best friend,care taker, playmate, crime partner.. literally everything... I love him more than the whole world. I love the way he used to stare at me for hours. I loved the way he loved me. I don't know how to cope with it when you lose that one good feeling around which your life revolved. He made me "live" when all I could do was just exist.
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Beta sounds amazing.  I am very sorry for your loss.
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I'm sorry, Pavy.  It's obvious from your post that you loved your fur baby beyond words and did everything possible to give him a good life.  What kind of animal is your fur baby?

Loving our animals so much is why it hurts so terribly when we lose them.  There are all kinds of wonderful folks on these boards - I hope that you can find some comfort and support from both them and the boards.  We're all here for you, and we understand what you're going through :(

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Dear Parvathy,

Your words express the deep love and affection you had for your beloved Beta. I send you my sincerest condolences for your recent & heartbreaking loss. Please know that you are not alone. Beta continues to be with you in spirit and we here on the forum are all with you in comdrashup during this very difficult time.

I am always awe-struck at how these little enchanting animals can have such a profound and everlasting impact on our lives. Your words regarding Beta convey that miraculous affect. Profound and meaningful.

I am so sorry for your loss of one who meant so much to you. Beta sounds like your "Spirit Animal." I hope that you will continue to travel through time, be gentle with yourself and heal. Your mind and body have a built-in healing factor. It is your birthright.

The passage of "time" is a key part of our processing the grief that we all are experiencing. We will all get through this and one day soon, we will be able to look back at recollections of our lost loved ones, and predominantly our most cherished & happiest memories will come to mind. I am sure of it.

My kindest regards,
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