Recently I posted an update on some of the herbs and botanicals I have been using to help promote better sleep. I'm happy to report that they seem to be working a little. I was only sleeping a few hours here and there a few weeks back. Now, I am getting around (5) hours a night. It's deep, restful sleep and I feel like I'm heading in the right direction. I have included something called Skullcap into my arsenal of natural sleep aids. I'm using the dried leaves and making it into a tea. I;m using this along with Passionflower and Lemon Balm. I discontinued using something called l-theanine (Amino Acid). Very important. If you plan to go the natural herbal route as sleep aids, be careful to only use them when you are home and NOT BEHIND THE WHEEL OF A CAR. I say that because last night, I took the herbs while watching a baseball game. I didn't really feel anything and then WHAM, I found myself waking up from a nap. Yes, it just hit me all of a sudden. Not sure how long I was out but I would venture to say at least a 1/2 hour or so. It was a refreshing nap and I felt fine when I woke up. Herbs are powerful, plant-based products that can be very helpful (and generally safe for most people) but always exercise caution when using. Sometimes a little goes a long way. 

Jim Miller
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I am glad to hear that herbs are helping you Jim.
Herbs can be very good, and there is less chance of addiction and side effects with them, but we have to be careful of course, that they suit us and don't clash with other medications, or we're not super sensitive to them.

I always found skullcap helpful. I used it  with benefit during the menopause, when for hormonal reasons my sleep was broken and terrible.

In a paradoxical way those were  very happy days as it was then that my Misty girl came into my life. I used to have to do 2 3- mile walks a day with only about 3-4 hours of sleep ! Completely zonked-out Frisbee Throwing Queen !!
I didn't regret a moment of it. But skullcap helped tremendously.

I also consulted a qualified herbalist and got him to mix me a potion!

There is another natural thing too, and this really works.
It's the acupressure points on each wrist, about an inch down on the OUTSIDE edge of the wrists from the place where the palms of the hands begin. Between the two tendons there.

It is hard to keep the gentle but firm pressure going though while you are slowly falling asleep. I bound two beads onto those points with adhesive strips (medical grade) I swear that helped. I KNOW it helped, as I would find myself falling asleep while doing the pressure points.
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