My husband and I found out 2 weeks ago that our Chloé Bear had Hemangiosarcoma on her spleen and a noggel on her liver. Bear had emergency splenectomy and part of her liver removed. We have been very fortunate to catch this and for Bear to make it though surgery without any complications. However, her outcome still isn't good (3-6 months left to live). How can this be so? She is acting 10x better than before her surgery and her appetite is unbelievable. I look at her and can't believe she only has a couple months left...can't wrap my brain around it. My husband and I have decided not to do chemo for a number of reasons. We thought about changing her to a complete raw diet but have been advised by the vet not to do that. I need some ideas on how to slow down this very aggressive cancer. She has had an ultrasound done on her lungs and heart and those have come back good.

She is currently eating Orijen's 6 Fish kibble, Stella & Chewy's Surf & Turf raw patties, fresh sardines, pumpkin, ginger, broccoli, blueberries, goats milk and thistle milk. She is without a spleen and portion of her liver so that makes things a little tricky.
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Kind thoughts to your Chloe Bear! She is recovering very nicely by the sound of it, and has responded well to the surgery. Her diet sounds great. So long as she is eating good nutritious healthy food I don't think a raw diet is needed.

There are alternative treatments like "Yunnan Baiyao"  (Google "yunnan baiyao for dogs". There are many search results you can read.) This is supposed to stem bleeding when they may have bleeding episodes. I must warn you though, that I am not advocating this treatment and have no personal experience of it, and not all 'alternative' remedies suit all dogs....but you may be interested to read about it.

What matters a great deal is her quality of life. If she is happy, eating, going for short walks, enjoying her life....even if she can't jump about like she did when she was younger!

A happy home life and good food and love surrounding her.

You may never be able to totally 'cure' the Hemangiosarcoma, but she doesn't know that! You have bought her some more time, and however long that is she will love it.

Blessings to her.
Hold the love like a little light. It is all you have, or will ever have, to find your way home.

Misty's Blog..a Dogfight with Cancer

Misty's life after death:
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First off, my heart breaks for you as this is an ugly, aggressive, shocking cancer. I am very happy to hear your doggie is showing positive signs. God bless her. I had never heard of this cancer until June 2016 when my 13 y.o. pit bull got diagnosed. I had a couple ultrasounds done, fluids given, fluids released from her tummy on numerous trips to the Pet ER., etc. Etc. I opted against chemo after reading up on this disease and after the specialist did a 2nd mroe thorough ultrasound and said he wouldn't let his dog go through chemo and how it had spread everywhere through my sweet beautiful angel. I agree with the above poster. I heard about that herb after I had already lost my girl. There is a wonderful facebook page "hemangiosarcoma" on facebook. Although it is closed group, they still welcome people in it. You will learn alot from others going through this. I hope to see you join. Give your doggie as much love as you possibly can. Each day is a gift from God and in the end, it really is up to His timing I learned. I spent alot of money trying to change the outcome but sadly I could not. I miss my girl like crazy still and I just hope someday they figure out what causes this horrific cancer. GOD BLESS YOUR DOGGIE AND YOU GUYS to keep your doggie comfortable and showing signs of improvement. I have heard some dogs make it past those few months given, so don't let anything discourage you. Each story is different. I hope the herbs will do wonders for your baby.
Denise (Sweet Ginger's Mom)
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My sweet boy also had hemangiosarcoma. He was running around with me the night before, I wake up and he could barely move. It felt like in a split second I had to make a life or death decision for my boy and I couldn't find it in myself to let him go. I opted for the splenectomy and he made it out of surgery and unfortunately passed about 30 minutes after waking up due to possible stroke. It tore me apart. 

This cancer is extremely aggressive and cruel. It gives you no time to prepare, it's so incredibly heartbreaking. Love on your Chloe Bear as much as you can, I hope nothing but the best for you and your girl.

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Rik Simpson cannabis oil ( watch rik Simpson run from the cure on youtube ) look up castor oil packs , apricot kernal , omega 3 , green tea , essiac tea , corpet , just some things a gave my boy with his nasal tumour x sending blessings & praying for yous xx
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I am so glad to have found this page. My lab in Jan just a few wks shy of turning 9 suddenly got very sick and imaging revealed a tumor on his spleen had burst while he was not anemic or any of that yet to later hear he had Hemangiosarcoma knocked me off my feet.  Since it had not spread at the time chemo has been tried and one more round to go.  I want to be sure his quality of life is as good as can be as we go here but this is all new to me and I worry I will miss something or not ask all the questions I need to though I try to ask them as I go.  I hate that overnight he went from one level of energy to another and healthy to this! 
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I hope you have some quality time while you try chemo. I lost my precious boy yesterday to hemangiosarcoma. He was bleeding into his belly from tumor on spleen. Ultrasound showed cancer already spread to liver so I chose to euthanize just 10 minutes after diagnosis. My mother died last week so was busy arranging flight home, boarding my baby while I was gone. It was horrible but at I didn't find him dead in his crate in AM or died at kennel while I was gone to Mom's funeral.
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