Yesterday I had to put down my precious Carson, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (age 9.5 years) . Happened so fast. He wouldn't eat or come out of his crate. Looked gravely ill. I took him to 24-hour pet emergency room. Just 20 minutes after arrival the vet told me Carson was bleeding into his belly from large tumor on his spleen (cancer). Only two options: immediate surgery to remove bleeding spleen or euthanize.

I was shocked. How could he have a large tumor when in 4 months ago he had a wellness check and nothing noticed? This cancer is very aggressive and incurable. Only 3 months survival after surgery and chemo. Already spread to his liver. Made decision on the spot to let him go without torture of surgery and chemo. 30 minutes after arriving at emergency room, he was euthanized.

My 18-year-old cat was put down just an hour after discovery of osteosarcoma in roof of mouth 12 years ago.

Maybe these sudden discoveries and losses to cancer are merciful to both pet parent and our fur baby. No long drawn out suffering, hoping and disappointment as they slowly die. Just gone immediately after diagnosis. Loss is swift, almost like a loved one dying in car accident. Just didn't see it coming.

I chose immediate euthanasia both times. I know that doesn’t help science try to find treatments but my fur babies are not to be experiments.
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I am so sorry about the loss of your Carson, and yes the hemangiosarcoma is very aggressive......many decades ago I lost my first dog to this and was devastated, my vet did a biopsy and said he had hemangiosarcoma and within days my boy passed on, and same thing, I found him in his crate, when i came home.....which he rarely goes into and had a hard time walking and breathing.....he too had this spread into his spleen and there was no saving him. Cancer sucks.

I just wanted to let you know I am so sorry for your Carson and he is safe and free of pain at the beautiful rainbow bridge...til you meet again


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I remember that vet had a syringe full of his blood before euthanasia. Maybe she sent it to the associated vet school/research center for DNA testing. She didn't ask permission but it is not like human DNA that can be linked to family members and all those privacy issues. If she did send his blood, then maybe it could help discover a genetic basis for this horrible cancer in dogs.
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I hope you’re right and that your loss will help other dogs. Wouldn’t that be wonderful?
It’s easier for sure to have the pet go quickly however I’m aware that it’s a huge shock off you. I hope you will continue to post here.
My deepest condolences!
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