I lost my precious Miss Kitty on September 23rd of this year, and one of my best friends just recently lost her 14-year-old dog, Rex. He was her baby for sure! She knew him since he was in the womb! (She knew his mother while she was pregnant). So, we are both going through a VERY difficult time, especially with the holidays. How can I help my friend when I am grieving so much myself? Any ideas?
I'm Miss Kitty's mommy.
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Dear Miss kitty Mom.

First of all let me say how very sorry I am for the loss of your beloved Miss Kitty and for the loss of your friend's beloved Rex. All I can offer to you is to talk about your babies with each other, share your stories that made you laugh and maybe even cry. It's okay to cry and grieve together and I believe in time, your tears will turn to smiles as you both remember all the loving memories of your babies. There will still be tears every now and then,melt downs I call them. It's been over 4 years since our Burton went to the Bridge and 11 years since our Ozzie went to the Bridge and there are days that the tears are there, especially around the holidays, but it does get better, less tears and more smiles.

Please know that my thoughts and prayers are with you both.


Tricia, Burton&Ozzie's Mom

"Good night sweet prince:And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest!"
William Shakespere's Hamlet
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