Hi- I am researching how to overcome guilt caused by pet loss.  Found it helpful and thought I would share. First guilt is a belief-a conviction that we have done wrong and must suffer. The only way to break that conviction is to change what we choose to believe. Here are some choices:
1. choose not to rehearse guilt- catch yourself repeating the same guilty thoughts over and over and put up a mental stop sign. Deliberately focus on something else.
2. choose to accept what cannot be change-a self-imposed penance for past mistakes accomplishes nothing. Accept that the only thing you can change now is your future
3. choose balance- guilt keeps us focused on the times we imagined we failed- times we were "too busy" or "didn't do enough." Write down the things you did with and for your pet. Force yourself to remember what you did right.
If you feel guilty about euthanasia and say to yourself "I should have tried harder, done more, spent more" remember the person who worries the most about these things is often a person who has already gone to superhuman efforts to care for a pet. A far more dangerous form of selfishness is to prolong a pet's suffering to simply prolong one's own.

Remember- pet owners who "don't care" will never experience pangs of guilt.  Only caring responsible owners go through this agony. 

mia sara
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Thank you for this post and sharing what you’ve learned to help others. I do see how a lot of this is very true!
Hugs to you!
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thank you so much for this it couldn’t of come at a better time. blessings
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Thank you for this.
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