Is anyone else having a hard time subscribing to a topic? I’m literally feeling blind on this new set up
Lynn, Tankie’s mom, forever
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Following a topic
These instructions are for the new themes.
Following a topic allows you to receive an email notification when new replies have been posted in the topic.
You can follow a topic by following the instructions below:
  • Log in to your forum account.
  • On mobile devices and in some themes, click the main menu icon located towards the top left corner of the page  (the image that has the 3 lines on top of each other)​. Skip this step if you don't see the main menu icon
  • Click the Categories link.
  • If there is no Categories link, click the Topics link and skip to step 5.
  • Click the title of the category the topic is in.
  • Click the title of the topic you would like to follow.
  • Click the plus sign (+)  icon located towards the top of the page.​
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