Hello all old friends:

Today marks Sarah Sue passed 5 years ago... and I still miss the things that she used to do.  I totally forgot until I received a message from Rainbow's Bridge from Ginny.  She would have been 19 today.  Im just wondering how you all are doing.  I had to create a new ID my old one is missing but I have a great picture of Sarah for my avatar.   So. my new ID is SarahSueTobeyMom.   I hope you are doing good.  For you who are in the grieving process  it will get better with time.   I would also like to share regarding a question that was posed to me after a friend lost her dog in a terrible way 2 weeks ago.  The question is why did God let this happen?  I would like to share it that sometimes things happen that is not Gods fault and is not Satans fault either, sometimes there are just accidents that happen.  I hope this helps someone who gets online and is asking the question as well.

Laverna Maguren
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