Hi everyone. Im so sorry for your pain but so glad I found this group. I lost my Sparky july 9th, 5 days after his 15th birthday. His death came suddenly and in my arms. I am devestated beyond words that I can still barely talk about it. I had to find support since those around me dont understand.
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Same story here Cheryl, I lost my Milhouse of 15 years two weeks ago and those around me do not understand why it has hurt me so deeply. I keep letting them know I just need time. Grieve in your own way, at your own pace and be kind with yourself. I know that the reason I hurt so bad was because I valued my relationship that much with my one and only favorite kitty. I am with you and feel your same pain. Thanks for posting.
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Hi, I`m so sorry for your loss of Sparky. its so hard letting go of our best little friends and the only little bit of consolation for you was that he went suddenly and in your arms - it must have given him so much comfort knowing he was so close to you.  I had exactly the same experience with friends and family not really understanding just how devastated we are when we lose them. I lost my 17 year old dog Jim 8 months ago, and still have bad days when I wish so much he was still here with me. A friend of mine at the time said the worse thing possible - " Just go out and get another",  as if I was replacing a new tv or car.   This site is so helpful as all here have been through or are going through the same immense loss, and totally understand.  A lot has been said here about the grief being a lot worse than losing a family member - something I agree with so much, as our animals rely on us for everything and give us that very special unconditional love in return.  Keep coming here, it really saved my sanity knowing there are so many good people who all just "get" the way we feel about our pets. 
                                                                      Hugs, Jackie
J Taylor
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I am so sorry for the loss of Sparky. He went to Rainbow Bridge wrapped in your arms. Heartbreaking for you. But he felt your love as he left this earth. Yours were the last arms he felt. He felt your love.
People don't understand at all. I lost Jake at 17, an Italian Greyhound. He was given to me by my daughter ten years ago when she moved to NYC. I was never a dog person, I always had cats as pets. He was such a character. He couldn't see as well in his old age, and had arthritis. And he was never sick a day in his life until he got very sick, had a high temperature. He wasn't going to get better so I held him as he left for the Bridge.
Don't let what anyone has to say get to you. Grieve at your own pace. Not one second less. They are our hearts and they are dependent on us. When they leave, it leaves a gaping hole in our hearts that only time will heal. jakie.jpg 
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I am so sorry for your loss of sparky.  Lenegal it 100% correct.  Our babies are hearts and are dependant on us.  I have tried to convey that message to my grandkids about their own pets, that they are dependant on humans for their every need.  I treated My Winston like my child, because he was.  His every need was met.  I put mine on the back burner for him.   I have said in here many a time, time is the only true healer of our grief.  My prayers are with you.  Sue
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Thinking of you.   I know your heartbroken over the loss of Sparky.  We all understand and are here for you. 
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