My baby boy was only 6 he was a free spirit and was a crazy boy he suddenly became very lethargic and refused his food and wouldn’t go outside so off to the vet we went Matthew our vet wanted immediate blood tests done as Tommy had lost a serious amount of weight which was not obvious as he was a really fluffy cat and didn’t like being picked up so I left him and came home 2 hours later I got the phone call from the vet to say that Tommy had an auto immune disease of the blood basically his body was attacking itself Matthew said his red blood count was seriously low and he couldn’t understand how Tommy was still with us I asked his honest opinion and he said the kindest option was to euthanise Tommy while he was still under anaesthetic I never got to say goodbye to my baby
S Mcclements 
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I’m so sorry for your loss. Sometimes they go so fast that you don’t have time to say goodbye.  I lost my kitty from cancer and she went downhill fast and was gone in 2 days.  I was in shock and even though I had time to say goodbye it still wasn’t enough time for me because I never wanted to let her go. My heart goes out to you to lose your fur baby at such a young age,  I hope your heart heals in time. 
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Oh my gosh, Sharon, I'm so sorry. This is what happened with our dog about a month ago as well - so sudden and shocking. She was young too and it was an auto immune disorder of the blood. We were advised to euthanize... it was so hard. I can imagine what you're going through now. Just know you gave Tommy the best life possible for those 6 years and that he got to be with you in health right up until the vet visit at the end. He knew how much you loved him. Hugs to you.
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Sharon - So sorry for the loss of Tommy , it makes it doubly hard that he went so fast - but you did the right thing for him.  It is sad when pets go while they are young and you are left wondering why.  There are no answers - just the wonderful memories and love you gave to each other.  Be thankful for that.  The pain is very fresh for you and seems like it is going to swallow you up.  Please know that, in time, it will start to subside slowly - in small increments.  I had to put my 19 year old cat down a month ago due to kidney disease - very common in elderly cats.  I knew the end was coming - the vet had told me - but it was still not easy.  One night he got really sick and went downhill from there.  I knew it was time and I had to do what was right by him.  At first, I felt guilty and questioned all of my actions - should i have waited to see if he got better (he would not and would have suffered), was there something else I could have done (no).  A very good friend of mine told me that I gave him a wonderful gift.  I loved him enough to put his needs over mine and let him cross to where he would no longer be in pain and would be young and healthy again.  

We give our whole hearts to pets and it hurts so much when we have to let them go.  

Hugs to you.
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So truly sad to not be able to say goodbye.
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So sorry for your loss , i just lost my baby girl to the same disease on April 13 th . She was also 6 . We thought she had rebound with this horrible disease but it came back with a vengeance a week later . I feel your pain and I’m so sorry for your loss .
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Sharon, I'm so sorry for your loss...what an awful thing to experience. I went through the same thing with my dog...she stopped eating, lost a lot of weight and her blood tests had raised creatinine and BUN levels. She was going through kidney failure. 

Are you sure your vet was certain your cat had autoimmune disease? I've read that if cats or dogs accidently ingest onions that they become anemic and red blood cells burst. I'm sure the decision you made was the right one based on the information available, but I wonder if something else could've been done? 

Lauretta and I were sharing on another post that we think the diseases our dogs had was related to their rabies shot. I'm wondering if your pet also had rabies shot recently? Again, I'm sorry for your loss and understand what you're going through. 
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