Hi all, this is really hard for me to write but I need help with my broken heart.

I had to euthanize by fur baby, Venom, on Tuesday because she became very aggressive towards my infant son. Venom has never really been a fan of people other than myself and at times my boyfriend, all other people could rarely get close to her without her showing some sort of attitude/aggression.

She was fine with our son for the first six months after we brought him home, mostly just ignored him, then one morning when he started crying she came rushing in to the room, almost screaming (I’ve never heard that noise come from a cat before) and charged towards my son who was on the bed. I picked him up just as she was going to jump on him, and that resulted in her full on viciously attacking me trying to get at him. She cut me up pretty bad, I needed stitches in two places on my arm and had to go on antibiotics. I had to yell to get my boyfriend to come in and get her off of me and put her in the bathroom to cool down.

I left her in there for a couple of hours, every time I went in she was her normal self purring and meowing and rubbing up against me, so I let her out. She walked by the baby like she normally did, ignoring him, until I went to put him in his crib. She followed me in his room and waited for me to put him in his crib, and she went after him again. This time I got in her way again and my legs paid the price. I got her back in the bathroom and left her there while I called every vet in the phone book, animal control and the SPCA The majority of them told me I would have to euthanize her. I found a vet out of the city who would see her and we took her in and she spent the night. That was two months ago. In the last two months, we have tried anti anxiety, pain meds and anti aggression, along with behaviour therapy. She kept going after the baby any time he would make a noise, and she was getting aggressive more easily.

I spoke with our vet (she is a cat behaviour specialist) and she said the because of her age, temperament towards most people and special needs, re homing her would be next to impossible and we would still be held responsible for any damage done by her. We were given the option of turning her into a barn cat and I couldn’t bring myself to do that to her after being a spoiled indoor kitty for 10 years.

This was the hardest decision I have ever had to make. She was my baby for ten years. I had to syringe feed her as a new brown because her mom wouldn’t feed her. It didn’t matter how cranky she was with other people she was always purring and squeaking for my attention. Up until her very last day she slept on my head. I feel I have made a terrible mistake and wish nothing more than to take it back. It hasn’t been a week yet, but my heart is broken, my chest is tight and I can’t stop thinking about her last moments as I held her. I havnt been able to move her water or food dish yet, they are still by my bed. And I sleep with her teddy bear toy, that I called her baby. I hope she forgives me, and I hope I made the right decision for the well being of my son, because I hate myself for the way this all turned out.
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Your story hit me in the gut. It's the most difficult post to read in...guite a while. I applaud you for the way you have dealt with an extremely difficult and tragic situation.  For what it's worth, you have my complete support that you made the correct decision. 

I've been a cat daddy for 40 years to quite a number of diverse felines. No two alike. No way to tell what triggered Venom to regard your son as an existential threat to herself or her territory. Would they could talk. It would make our vets' jobs so much easier.

You clearly gave Venom every opportunity. You did every thing we would've tried. I don't see a stone you left unturned. 

Please do not take this the wrong way, but I am so very happy you were there at her end. I am always there for my buddies. As much as it hurts now, I know in time to come you'll be glad you were present. 

You made the only decision you could. Never doubt that.  

My deepest, sympathies, 

B Weinstein
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Horrible as the outcome was, I concur that you made the right decision. I'm so very sorry for your pain. It takes our hearts so long to heal from loss, especially in a complex situation, like the one you just lived through. I wish you much, much comfort and hope you can find peace.
-Missing Marissa deeply
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I think you made the only decision left to you but that doesn't mean that it doesn't hurt. You lost a very special part of your family and having to make that choice is so heartbreaking. I'm sorry. I agree with Bruce. You tried everything you possibly could. She is at peace now and she will understand everything.
Hugs to you,
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I just wanted you to know you are not alone. I just had to make the same kind of decision with my dog because of aggression. I feel your pain and I am so sorry.
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How are you doing? 
B Weinstein
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We had a very similar situation with our dog, Zoe.  She was attacking us and our other three dogs.  We tried all kinds of training, meds, vet shrink, etc, and nothing worked.  I had her in a muzzle and a harness so she couldn't bite and I could pull her away when she started trouble.  I tried to re home her but found no one was willing to take her on given the limitations she needed, and all the shelters said they could not accept her due to her aggression.  It took me over two years to finally realize we had to let her go, that it was only getting worse, and was making all of us miserable, including poor Zoe.  That being said, it was still awful and I feel terribly guilty that I couldn't find any other solution for her.  You have to choose the safety of your family and other animals in that kind of situation.  I am sorry for your loss and definitely empathize with you.  I hope your cat and my dog are now at peace, and that we can find peace in our decision.
Carole, Mom to Zoe, who crossed the bridge on 7/5/18, Jasmine, who crossed on 7/14/18, and Layla, on 12/1/18, all will forever be in my heart, and ongoing mom to Roxie.
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I thank you all so much for your kind words. Thank you so much for sharing your stories; I know that couldn’t have been easy.

I am still very sad and I find myself very sad and weepy, especially in the evenings when we would have our cuddle time. (I still hold her toy-her baby)

I thank you for your support and reassurance that I did the right thing. Not only for us, but for Venom. I know being locked up was unfair to her; as graciously as she did it. She was still unpredictable and aggressive with my baby.

I find comfort in your stories and hope very much that our babies are together; waiting to be reunited with us and awaiting an understanding and forgiving embrace.

I h
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