This past Tuesday, February 23, 2016, I was in a bad car accident and had both of my dogs with me. My littlest baby Bentley was killed instantly by I'm assuming the airbag. He laid in my arms and I had no idea he was dead until a couple minutes after getting out of the car. I looked down to check on him and see that he is completely limp. It was then my world was turned completely upside down. I have never experienced hurt or emptiness like I've experienced since losing my baby boy. My other dog Millie made it out perfectly fine. I love both of my dog to death, they are 100% my children. The only babies that are always happy to see me no matter the circumstance. Bentley was my baby boy though. Anywhere I went, he was sure to follow right behind me. The bond between us was unbreakable. I feel so lost, so hurt, and so dark. I cry constantly. Anytime I close my eyes I have flashbacks of the horrific scene. I don't know what to do to make myself feel better. I can't pull myself out of bed. I have zero appetite. All I do is cry and hurt and wish on anything I could bring him back. Some have mentioned getting another dog I just don't know how I would do. I'm joining this forum in hopes of hearing some of you alls thoughts and opinions on getting through situations like this. I want to go back to a normal lifestyle, right now there just seems to be no way. My heart is way too broken.
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Hi Thomas

So sorry to hear about Bentley. What an awful tragedy.

Please be reassured that what you are feeling now is not unusual. You will get lots of support here from people who know exactly what you are going through.

Sending you a massive hug.

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Hello Thomas,
I am so sorry to hear about your beloved dog Bentley. I had to put down my beloved Sadie a soft coated wheaten terrier last thursday because she was in kidney failure. I too am lost. The house is so empty. Everyone keeps saying just take it one day at a time. Reach out to others for comfort and support..
A hug for you-
Sadies mom- Tammy
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Hi Thomas, So very sorry for your loss! There is a website called Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement (APLB) It is for people who have recently lost their pets. The moderators are very good at giving advice and helping. I think that's what got me thorium the first while after we had to say good bye to our boy. I would definitely recommend them - as well as Rainbow Bridge (so many wonderful pet lovers here to chat with as well!) Take Care!
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So sorry. My Scruffy was put to sleep in my arms January 7th after suffering a stroke. I understand the guilt and despair. It is so sad how much a positive part of our life they become. The loss is devastating. I am so sorry. Please be strong. PC290008.JPG 

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My heart goes out to you in such a big way. Just over a Month ago one of my 3 dogs killed the smallest and first one of my fur babies. I am devastated and traumatized as well.(I walked in from getting coffee, and doing a school drop off. Found him and tried to save him at hospital, but ended up with his being euthanized in my arms!).
Guilt, tears, crying until I can't breathe And trauma now fill my weeks and days. I'll never get over nor forget. My two dogs and child are missing out on my full attention at present. I have a therapist to help but won't make the pain go away. Just gets easier to comprehend...
And yet my baby will always hold a spot in my heart that is broken forever nonetheless.
Sending healing prayers your way:-)
Calum's Mommy Forever <3 
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Ps I forgot to say I hope you are physically ok!
And also know that either situation can cause PTSD alone never mind your double whammy. Take care of yourself:-)
Calum's Mommy Forever <3 
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Hi Thomas , First I just want to say I am so sorry for your loss of Bentley, Secondly I'm just gonna tell it straight... It's gonna hurt like hell for a while because you loved with all your heart..  I have been through so much death and loss that i can tell you .. it is gonna hurt  but eventually you will get through it. Not over it ... but through it.
When I lost my cat 2.5 years ago I came on this site and someone had told me that one day I would be able to look back at the happy memories and smile instead of cry... I did not believe them .. but I do now..

Feel every moment of grief .. let every tear fall as it is all part of the healing process and we all do it in our own way ... 
sometimes I would cry and sometimes I would scream into my pillow... but now I do look at her photos and smile

Take care and be gentle with yourself you are going through a lot. 


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Oh my goodness what a terrible thing to happen my thoughts are with you. I'm so sorry for your loss. 
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I am feeling the exact same way. My little buddy of over 8 years chased a rabbit into the road late Tuesday night and died in my arms as well. No matter what anybody tells me I feel as though I will never get over this pain.
Hogans Daddy
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Thomas, first let me say I am so very sorry for the traumatic loss of your baby boy. I made the heart wrenching decision to euthanize my once-in-a-lifetime cat, Gwen, two weeks ago after her battle with kidney failure threatened to give her a painful death.I am just going through the motions of my life now.

What is keeping me going is the support of my family. I asked my husband to please make sure I eat and get out of bed each day and he has.

Who is helping you? You need support, real support like someone to cook you some meals and stay close while you talk or cry or are silent. Please ask your friends for help. True friends will understand and welcome the chance to support you through this monstrous time.

I am seeing a counselor. I urge you to do the same. The accident alone can cause you PTSD and other issues, as Calum's Mommy said here.

My love and prayers are with you. We are a family here, brought together by great love and great loss.

God bless you, keep you safe and sound, this day and all others,
Kim, Gwen's Mom
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