Today I said goodbye to my dog, Satchel. He was almost 15. 

I said goodbye to my cat, Stealth, in September of last year. 

I got all of my pets together in early 2006. Stealth was an adult kitty, shadow was a kitten, and satchel was a puppy, all rescue pets. Now I'm suddenly starting to lose all of them. 

I'm lost and my house feels empty and sad without them. I don't know how to deal with this or process it. I'm in IT as a profession and I googled how to cope with this immense pressure and heartache... but I'm quickly learning it isn't something I can Google. I just need help. :( 
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I Know exactly how this feels. I’m going through the same thing after my 12 year old chihuahua had a stroke yesterday. It feels so empty without them doing all the things in the house that you normally take for granted. 
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