Yesterday we lost our beautiful springer spaniel after a very short shock illness at the age of 7. She started having seizures and the seizures did so much damage that we had to put our darling girl to sleep. I can't even begin to describe the pain I'm feeling. I can't stop crying, can't eat or sleep after the most awful few days. Please someone tell me that this gets easier. She didn't deserve this and I don't know how I can get over it.
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I'm so sorry for your loss. We understand how great the pain is right now, it is overwhelming in the beginning. Just breathe and allow yourself to feel it. I don't want to say it gets "easier" because there is nothing "easy" about this an you'll never look back on this without feeling the loss in some way. But I've found things get slowly better when the shock of the loss wears off and you stop focusing so much on that and more on their life with us. All of those wonderful memories sustain me through the hard times.
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It make me sad, we understand your felling right now!  I know it is not easy in first place but you have to accept  the true. But hopefully in the you have a fully get over. 
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I am so very sorry for your loss - 7 years old is such a young age to lose your beautiful girl.  Right now your grief is raw, and I remember just over 18 months ago when we had to have our sweet little dog put to sleep the first few days/weeks felt like my whole world had crashed down on me.  I`ve never experienced anything quite like it - even losing family members didn`t come close to the way I was feeling.  Looking back, I believe ( especially after reading similar posts here), that we actually go into shock and disbelief at first, and like you, I couldn`t eat or sleep for a few days.  All I can tell you is that it slowly does get better,  and gradually happier memories start to outweigh the bad ones - although sometimes it can feel like one foot forward and two steps back.     Apart from finding this wonderful forum where everyone totally understands the way you are feeling, I also found writing a journal helped me so much - I wrote down every single memory from when we first adopted Jim, all the funny little things he did, even things I`d long forgotten came back to me and got written down.     

Please know the way you feel is completely normal  - we form such strong bonds with our precious animals, and losing them is s very hard. Remember there is no timescale to our grief, and everyone grieves differently.  Take care,

                                                                              Hugs, Jackie
J Taylor
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Dear Janey 

So sorry to read about
your loss.

And,the pain that you
are feeling now will
lesser over time.

For we have all been
through what you are
going through now.

It is kind of like we
are soul mates!

Praying for you!


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So sorry for your loss. It has been a year and 2 months since I lost Wiz, 5 since Angie 8 since Byron, 17 years since I lost Tess and Arthur. And many more since I lost my childhood Mitzi and cat Sheba. I think in some ways it does get less heart wrenching but the pain and missing them never completely goes away for me. I have their pics and Wiz in particular his photos are all by my bed with Angie and Quinn and Tess. I talk to him and all of them all the time. I have a necklace now with Wiz and Angie and I'm getting them all in jewelry at some point so they're always with me. It makes me feel better. Let yourself grief fully it's good to let it out. I don't think I did that with Wiz and Angie because it was so painful. With Angie I carry a lot of guilt. I keep asking her to forgive me somehow I can't forgive myself yet or others.
My beloved sweet Tess August 1999 - February 21 2001
My beloved loyal Byron March 1998 - April 28 2008
My sweet beloved girlie Angelina April 2001- September 2012
Me & my sweet beloved Wizberry forever 1998- April 21, 2016
My sweet beloved Snow Goddess Sybil girlie April 2001- May 11,2018
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