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I am new to this website but have found it very helpful. I recently had to have my wonderful pomeranian Peco put to sleep. He came down with parvo. he went from being "fine" to near death within a few days. I have cried everyday for the past 3 weeks. I hope all of you good people can offer me some support.

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Hi Pomeranian, I'm so sorry about Peco, I think the sudden loss of your pet has to be the hardest way to lose a loved one, a best friend and constant companion. I lost Winston one month ago, I'm still in shock and keep thinking I will go back in time and everything will be back to normal. The pain and grief is less raw now, thankfully, but by far not over. This website has been helpful, so many people are going thru the same thing, it helps to connect, talk thru our grief.  Would love to see a picture of Peco.  River, how are you doing?  How is your new pup? A friend of mine in town recently lost her dog to an accident, she just got a new puppy (same breed) and she said it has helped her -staying busy and not focusing on the grief and loss. I am not quite at that stage yet. I have another dog in our family, but feel I will do it more for her sooner than later :)  Take Care and stay strong. I'm making a wonderful collage of Winston this weekend to hang on our wall. 
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All I can say is that my thoughts and prayers are w/ you. I can't begin to know what you're going through.Please don't feel guilt or remorse. You did the VERY BEST you could w/ what you had been given at the time.Your baby knew/knows you loved him w/ all of your heart and vice versa.If the images of him come to mind, try to think of something fun or loving the 2 of you shared.Share it here or even to me. I find comfort in telling people about my Chloe and my baby before her, Ginger. It keeps thier memory alive.
Sending you all my best
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I'm so sorry that your baby, Boo Radley passed away.  He knows that you would have done anything you could to save him and he knew how much you loved him. I struggle with that myself.  You're in my thoughts and prayers.  Please know that you're not alone.  I have to constantly remind myself of that.  This site has helped me so much already and hope you find it helpful. 

 Take care,
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