My wee baby boy bobby got put to sleep on Friday 3/3/20 12 years old . Brave boy had a heart murmur and had kidney stones  on medication and special perception food , last few months he was in and out vets several times always bounced back ....took unwell again thurs nite. Never imagined I would come home without him nothing more that can be done for him my brace soldier gone. I miss him so much house is so quiet without him . Can’t stop crying full of emotions especially guilt like I’ve let him down. My other dog brandy is missing his best friend they were together since they were 8 weeks old,  he very quiet pacing about the house looking for him , whining and not eating . Can’t believe I won’t see my angel bobby again . Love you lots and lots my sweet boy . You took a piece of my heart with you ❤️❤️❤️
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Thank you for sharing.

I’m so sorry for your loss, I lost my cat yesterday and she was my baby. I have not got my head around this grieving process yet, all I do is cry. I hope the pain lessens and you find comfort soon, I hope we all do.

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So sorry for your loss!  I had to have my cat I have had for nineteen year, who helped me through 3 bouts of cancer, put down yesterday.  I felt so lost yesterday and I will miss him every day.  I am don't know what to tell you other than try to find someone to talk to who knows how you feel.  It must be so hard to have your other dog miss him too - like a double-whammy.  I will be thinking of a praying for everyone on the forum I "met" this morning that we find some comfort.  This has been catartic to me.   I am so glad something like this exists.  Bless you. 
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