Last friday my 18 month old beautiful angel was put to sleep. Ever since he was born he has been poorly. He had muscle myositis which meant he was on steroids for 9 months. He then got pancreatitis 4 months ago which led to kidney disease then anaemia and then gut disease. He had a blood transfusion for the anaemia which seemed to work. He came out wagging his tail and all happy. This was almost 2 weeks ago but then 2 days later he rapidly went down hill again. Being sick,diarrhoea,sleeping so he went back to the specialists on a fluid drip but deteriorated rapidly and got sodium on the brain which could of caused a heart attack
When I saw him last Friday it was the first time he did not wag his tail. He didnt looks their sons he could produce tears. He looked so poorly my heart was breaking. He looked at me and sighed and laid on the blanket. He was telling me he had enough.
It was the hardest decision I have ever had to make. My heart is broken and I am struggling without him. He was my shadow and little beat friend. I have to let the funeral know by tomorrow if I would like to see him before cremated tomorrow. I just dont know what to do but the pain is unbearable. He hardly had a life and was just a brave amazing little boy 💔
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I am very sorry for your loss of your sweet, angel. I am sorry he was born with health issues and had a short life. But I am glad that you were in his life and showed him so much love and care. And when he told you that he had had enough, you compassionately made that very difficult decision.

Animals can touch a part of our hearts that nobody else does. And when we lose them it is heartbreaking.

My condolences,
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Thankyou for your message. It hurts so badly. Missing my little shadow and I did give him so much love and he did me which will be in my heart forever x
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Jackie .. My heart goes out to you in the loss of you wonderful friend. I can feel your pain and my heart breaks as I read this.
My Wiley was my best friend and losing him was beyond devastating... I understand all too well.

You are in my prayers.. Both of you
❤ Stacie
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