I lost my precious Bronson, baby boy today. His death was unexpected and none of us was ready. Early Tuesday morning, Bronson escaped the garage door in the wee morning hours. I left him in the living room thinking he was safe. He was waiting for his Grandma to wake up. she was in the r.v. Instead of waiting my mischievous boy went looking for her.

I heard a dog barking and yelping loudly assuming it was another dog walking and barking at a dog in nearby yard. The barking continued and I realized maybe it was Bronson because he always found a way to run off. I went outside and looked but no trace of him was to be seen, and the barking stopped. My parents and Bronson dad went crazily looking for him. We searched up and down thw streets and allover the neighborhood and we could not find him. We decided to return home hoping he would show up. Somehow, our poor baby was in the neighbor yard, badly mauled. He was mauled to death and whoever dogs did it, theowner just callously put his body on the grass. My poor baby was mauled and he died alone.

I know this is long and i am rambling but the pain and wound is so raw. I can barely think or breathe. My baby is gone and i am completely heartbroken. I am unable to be inside of my home and his brothers keep looking for him. Its so hard right now.
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Bronsonsmommy, I am so so sorry you lost your sweet Bronson. He looks so handsome in his picture. We just lost our sweet boy a few days ago also, the heartbreak almost makes it impossible to breathe sometimes. This is a great place to be to try to sort through your grief. I am so sorry. Big hugs.
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I am so sorry for your lost. This is something I never experienced nor do I wish too, but losing Bronson this way must be heartbreaking. Stay strong. My prayers are with you. Mike
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You have my sincere condolences on your loss as well.  My best buddy had ongoing health issues and I knew our time was going to be limited, but to lose your Bronson under such unexpected and unfortunate circumstances I'm sure only adds to the pain.  Wishing you strength in the coming days and weeks.  There are many good people here who know just how you are feeling, it's not a consolation but if you want to reach out you can be sure we understand.

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Bronsonsmommy, I cannot even begin to imagine how you feel right now.  I wish I could take some of your pain away and I'm terribly sorry you had to find him the way you did.  Try to keep fond memories of him in your mind and not dwell on your last moments together.  Please keep coming back here even if it is to vent frustrations and anger about what happened to your sweet boy.  Everyone here is very understanding as we've all found this forum for the same reasons.  I hope you can find some peace today, even if it's for a little bit.
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Dear Trina (AKA Bronson's mommy),

I too am very saddened and sorry to learn of your recent loss of your beloved Bronson. He certainly was a handsome fellow! Thank you for sharing that photo image of him.

Many years ago, I experienced a similar tragic event. My cat "Cosmos" ( an all black Himalayan cat) was killed by 2 wild dogs on an industrial island we were living on called Terminal Island, in Southern California, which is located between San Pedro and Long Beach Ca. We were living in an abandoned WW 2 Seaplane hangar of all places, that we sound-proofed and rented as a stage location to movies, TV shows, music videos (including those by Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Prince, Guns N' Roses, Toto etc.) and commercials. We moved into the building (my gal and I) as we would work very long hours and there were 60 empty rooms surrounding the stage floor that used to be Navy barracks. Plenty of space!

Between productions we allowed our 3 cats (Cosmos, Tiffany & Dusty) to run free within the stage, as it was pretty desolate outside and mostly fenced off. The cats loved running at high speed across the mammoth 43,000 square foot interior floor. With their tales acting as rudders. They would run so fast they would almost fall down from their speed.

One morning I could not find Cosmos for breakfast. A nearby neighbor told me when I asked him if he had seen a black cat around, that he had found a black cat that morning that had been attacked by 2 wild dogs that had been run-off. And he had placed the body of the cat in the dumpster. He did not know I had a cat in the building located next door yet.

I sadly went over to the dumpster, opened it pensively and sure enough there was my Cosmos. I began to weep and took his body out and carried him to the stages wood shop. I made him a small wood coffin and painted it black and then painted multi-colored planets, stars, galaxies, comets etc. all over it's surface. I lined the interior with white satin fabric (left over from a production) then I gently placed my little boy into the coffin and nailed it shut.

Down the way from our building was a bit of coastline. We buried Cosmos in what appeared to be a nice spot and said a prayer over him. We returned a few nights later to visit Cosmos and the ENTIRE area had been fenced off recently. We were very confused. Then we noticed there were metal signs affixed to the fence that read:


I smiled that my boy's ghost might enjoy seeing all the birds, as he used to LOVE watching them outside our window.

I hope that you continue to travel through time and heal, and that someday, all that shall remain in your mind when it comes to remembering your beloved Bronson are your most cherished and happiest memories of him.

Kind regards & my sincerest condolences,
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Dear Trina,

I’m so so sorry for the loss of your dear Bronson. What a handsome pup. I know the pain and sadness is indescribable right now and I can’t imagine what you are going through but I hope you are able to find comfort here soon. We’re all here for the same reason. Our beloved babies have crossed to the Rainbow Bridge where they are waiting for us one day when we are ready ourselves. There are so many wonderful people who I can say are friends now that have helped me through this difficult journey of grieving. Please give yourself time. Take it minute by minute, day by day. That’s all you really can do. But please know we’re here for you.

Sending you hugs,

Bubby's (Milo) Mommy - Always & Forever My Little Man 💜

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Thank you so much for those who left kind words for Bronson. It has only been a day but everything feels so hopeless. It is so empty inside the house without him. I'll keep coming back here....
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